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9 Reel Worthy Songs we Indians heard throughout the year 2021

The One Liner

December 29, 2021. 4 minute Read

Don’t you love scrolling down the Instagram Reel videos?

Of course, you do, and we know that. So we got you 9 Reel Worthy Songs that we Indians heard throughout the year 2021

Girls danced their hearts out to express their expectations from their future husbands.

The song features young Ketty Perry that got released in 2008. And the song has about 1 Billion viewers.

This year wasn’t great, but many creators did find a way to show the good part.

This song is not reel-worthy, but some just got too creative with it as well. Forget Reel! People loved listening to it and loved watching Handsome Sidharth Malhotra in this video.

Finally, a peppy song from Bollywood this year. We loved how Siddhant C, Sharvari grooved in Instagram reels this year.

Oh! This song is still viral on social media. The hook step has attracted many to this song.

A song from Badshah and isn’t viral, impossible!

People just loved it. That’s it.

So many celebrities like Alia, Deepika, Tiger Shroff, and others were seen dancing in their Reel videos. And I just loved the way stars got so creative with it.

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