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Mental Wellness Quiz: Are You Flourishing? 10 signs that prove your mental health is in great shape now!

In today’s era of social media, where depression, anxiety, and stress are increasingly common, caring for your mental health becomes essential in your life. An unhealthy lifestyle, restless mind,  unbalanced routine, and comparison with others are leading to insecurities and stress.

In fact, a study conducted by The Center Of Healing (TCOH) of Delhi, found that 74% suffer from stress and 88% suffer from anxiety in India. Additionally, in December 2021, observing the impact of COVID-19 on mental health, WHO said loneliness is a global health issue. This underscores the importance of paying attention to your mental well-being. 

So, how do you know if your mental health is in good shape or not? 

Here is the deal: from the checklist below, memorize these 10 signs that prove your mental health is in great shape or not! 


In this article, we will discuss the ten signs why you must take a day off from your gym schedules. 

How Do I Know If My Mental Health Is Good?

Still pondering?

There are many signs or cues that your body and mind may give you. Your job is to understand and recognize them! 

1. You feel energetic

When you are depressed, it often depletes your energy levels, causing chronic fatigue. Even after adequate sleeping and rest, the body may still feel exhausted. 

Conversely, feeling energetic throughout can be a sign of your good mental health. This is because physical health is closely linked to and reflective of. your mental state.

2. There is a Sense of Belonging

The feeling of being valued and accepted in a group or a social environment creates a sense of belonging among individuals. It is directly connected with your mental health. When you are depressed, it is common to feel neglected, and ignored, by others. Even when surrounded by people, you feel lonely. 

But if you do not feel isolated from others, and actively participate in conversations, it can be a sign that your mental health is doing great. Other signs like having good social connections, and reaching out for help, indicate that your inner self is now feeling safe and you are valued socially. 

3. You are Surrounding Yourself with Positivity

Feeling ashamed and blaming yourself for every mistake can be observed easily in a depressed person. It lowers self-esteem and confidence even in the smallest situations. 

But remember! It is just a phase. 

Once you start feeling confident about yourself and your personality, it is a hint of better mental health. It includes a healthy routine like exercising, working on personal skills, and your goals. A positive attitude also enhances your resilience, which helps to cope up with stress well.

4. You have boundaries now!

If you are setting healthy boundaries in your life, that means you are protecting yourself from something that does not make you feel comfortable. It shows how you want to be treated and perceived by others, or say, you are a people pleaser.  

For example, learn to say ‘No’ and add some humor to any sort of liabilities in your life. This is what we call setting boundaries. Just like how life preserves itself, setting boundaries is also important in your life to protect your mental health. 

5. You are too focused on your physical and mental wellbeing

Focusing on yourself means you are following a routine that helps your mental and physical well-being. It also helps in making and maintaining a good relationship with your body and your mind.  Your self-care rituals can include activities such as, positive affirmation, thinking positively towards yourself, and taking care of your diet. 

Remember! Practicing self care is a good sign for mental health which reduces stress, anxiety, and self-doubts and helps in building trust within the self. 

6. You do not seek any sort of validation

The concept of people-pleasing refers to a behavior of constantly neglecting your personal needs and prioritizing others’ wants to get their validation and acceptance. It can sometimes mentally exhaust you because maybe what you are doing is to get recognized by other people. 

It can cause anger, and regret when you realize how they used you for their benefit. But if you are not looking for the validation of others in your actions, it means you are healing.

7. You have established deeper bonds

A depressed person always distances themselves from others. It can be caused by the stigma around mental health issues. Due to unexpressed emotions, and thoughts it often leads to emotional distress, trust issues, and conflicts. 

But when you  communicate your emotions and ideas one fosters an emotional bonding between you and others in a group. Thus, a sign that proves that you can now connect with people with more ease. 

8. You Enjoy even Simple Moments of Life

You are now enjoying simple moments and achievements in your life. You do not care about whether it is a win or loss; you are more focused on the journey. When you wake up in the morning, instead of feeling useless, and good for nothing, you feel grateful, and blessed for your life. 

You are happy with what you have in the present, do not regret the past, and worry about the future. 

9. You easily let go and do not care about what bothers you

This means you avoid arguments and moments that disturb your mental health. You do not hold onto grievances that affect your relationships. This involves letting go of what happened in the past, learning from it, and moving on toward a better future. This attitude shows optimism and a positive outlook on life. 

10. You are helpful to other people

You are now helping others without expecting anything from them. Helping others shows a sense of empathy towards their struggles and pain. It shows that you can understand others’ suffering, creating strong social bonds. Small acts of kindness fill you with happiness without any expectation in return. This is where you can find your inner peace, by seeing others happy. 

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your mental health is becoming essential in today’s fast-paced world. Your positive relationships, setting boundaries, and cultivating a positive mindset are some vital steps toward improving mental well-being. Recognize these points and foster your overall well-being. And take vital steps for your mental health to a path of joyful and more meaningful life.

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