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5 Trending Elegant Diyas To Shop This Diwali

Priyadarshini Sahoo

October 30, 2021. 3 minute Read

‘Amba Angels’, a renowned NGO in Gujarat is into handcrafting Diyas since 2014. These Diyas are specially handcrafted by the children of Amba Angels who have intellectual and developmental disorder. 

Their aim is to bring a holistic change in the life of these children and adults with intellectual and developmental disorder. By buying these Diyas made by them, you indirectly fund their education and therapy as Amba Angels directs this money collected through the sale of Diyas towards this noble cause.

Following are the various Diyas made by them:

1. Gel Candles

Although this is not new, it even has never got older! Gel candle may be thing of the past but who does not want to relive costal reefs forest with sand, colored stones and much more. These candles will give you exactly the same feeling.

2. Elephant Candles

These elephants inspired candles are handcrafted with toran cloths. What makes it different is its colourful vibes! Obviously, everyone would surely fall in love with these and want to make their life as colorful as these Diya.

3. Pearl Candles

This candle has attached pearls around it. These Diyas are pretty unique and elegant in its own way. So, what you can do with this? You can sprinkle beautiful rangoli and place it somewhere in the centre.

The list doesn't end here...

A Turtle Candle. Okay! Before you judge the product by its name, let me tell you that it’s not as slow as a turtle but is a scented candle. This candle is made up of soya wax and it’s fragrance comes from dry roses that are sprinkled over it. You may even  purchase  Diya Thali can charm the space on the centre table of your living room to give extra edge to your space. This is unique and we haven’t seen such kind of unique product ever. 

Well, we all can contact them and Shop Here.

Final Thoughts

Amba Angels gets its funds from some small personal donations made by generous donors and by selling these Diyas and candles made by their students. So, spare a thought  for this noble cause amidst your shopping spree this Diwali.

The Brand Story

Here is an Inspirational Story of Amba Angels by its Founder

The founder Beena Dhankani says that

“I witnessed my sibling growing up with intellectual disorder, watched the struggles faced by my parents and the immediate family and above all the suffering faced by the kids with special needs as they do not understand what is happening to them, how to respond, how to communicate and much more. We unfortunately live in a society where even today having such a child is treated as a curse or a debt  we are paying and people tend to victimize the family rather than supporting them.

But amidst all this negative energy, our emotional bond as a family only grew and we decided to not only fight but change the stigma attached with such kind of children. Just like us, many parents of children with special needs were asking the same questions – What will happen to them after us? Who will take care of their needs? Can we ever make them independent?

This thought led me to leave a promising career in the IT sector and devote my entire time and energy into setting up a center – a place where these individuals will be respected for who they are, trained in their strengths and skills, to make them independent and able to earn a sustainable living. This will not only boost their confidence level but will also give an assurance to their parents that their child is in safe hands. Our journey has just begun and we have a long road ahead to spread awareness, change our society’s attitude and include these children as normal individuals with respect and dignity.

So Make A Decision

And lets contribute towards their bright future. Every small contribution will surely make a difference in enhancing the quality of their life.

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