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12 Abnormal Things That are normal that even Indira Nooyi went through.

The One Liner
January 8, 2022. 4 minute Read

It is strange to see someone who is an over achiever in her Professional Life but has also goes through the same struggles like every ordinary person. 

In the 1950s when accessibility to education for women in India was still a distant dream, it is so good to see how her family was dedicated to give her good education and never stopped her in pursuing her dreams and desires. 

And, even more than that, many admired her as a woman who broke the glass ceiling and went on to become CEO in International Brand like Pepsico. The more you read about her life experiences, the more you realize how much Indira Nooyi is one of us who was constantly working hard to create a space for herself. And if you dig deeper into the book, you will find these 12 Abnormal Things That are absolutely normal that even Indira Nooyi went through.

12 Abnormal Things That are normal that even Indira Nooyi went through.

1. It all starts at Home, then school, an institution/college

A child, usually adapts to the environment around them. So, it does matter how you are being brought up, which community you live in, diversity, etc. as everything matters. And schools have always been foundational blocks where students often start their creative journey. 

College is where we explore opportunities simultaneously; we also explore life. 

Each of them has its importance; ignoring any one of them in Indian society is something we may regret later. In fact, values that your parents, schools, and colleges have instilled in you, lasts forever, and no one can take it back from you.

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2. Every Family is Fighting against some stereotype

Stereotypes may not be same for everyone. But what is similar is one brave person takes one brave decision to challenge the old stereotype that the family has.

3.Everyone gets embarrassed at one Point; take it as a lesson, not Betrayal

We always go through a moment in our life when we walk out of place totally embarrassed and defeated. So, what next? Review the odds, and work harder on things where you feel this has to be resolved in some or another way. 

4. How You Speak, what you say does Matters

There are ways of saying things to your subordinates and clients. 

For example, if you say, “things you have done in this project makes absolutely no sense.” A Comment like this usually demotivates your subordinates or clients. 

Rather say things like, “help me to understand this better.” Diplomacy in professional life always helps people, but a direct hit may hurt.

5. "A Man Knows It All" attitude must change anyway

When a girl and a boy in relationship are educated, hold degrees, got the same exposure, and are equally skilled, why should anyone dominate in a relationship. Every time questioning a person’s idea or investment choices, hurts that individual badly. They may not tell you on your face upfront, but it does hurt when they realize all hard-earned freedom has been lost to someone who is dearer to them but still, he/ she doesn’t understand their situation.

6. People Chase Credibility at the end of the day

If you are credible, people will chase you; they will chase the credibility that you have earned so far. And that only comes via smart work, hard work, and dedication.

7. It always irks a working lady that she could have done a bit more in Personal life

I am sure many working women are in constant regret of not fulfilling duties one could have done as a daughter to their parents or missing out on those Parent – Teacher meetings or stage performances of your kids. There is a constant regret that they could have done many things had if they had chosen to be a housewife. Clearly, there will always be some regrets. 

But when you are trying to do something very genuinely, some or another person will help you survive the entire situation. But the drive to do something should be there.

8. Just Speak Up! It Helps a Lot

Suppose you are constantly working hard with no good results. It frustrates a person. Speak Up! If you think that you have done potentially everything that your work demands.

But when you are trying to do something very genuinely, some or another person will help you survive the entire situation. But the drive to do something should be there.

9. Nobody is Perfect

Often people demand that a woman has to maintain a work-life balance anyway. But physically and mentally, it is exhausting for every working woman to do everything. We have to understand a woman is not a superwoman who can do everything every time. Even if she has done anything for you, ask that person what she has missed at that point in life. 

10. Celebrate Success

Celebrating Success

Whatever may be the reason, at times, we don’t celebrate success quite often. Small congratulatory messages always cheer up a person. But frankly, it upsets a person whose success has not been celebrated by close family and friends.

11. Grooming is Good, and Please! Consider it beyond a fashion statement

Your situation demands a certain grooming sense when you climb up the ladder. And for God’s sake, it’s not just a fashion statement; it has more to it. 

Changing your hairstyle, clothes, handbags always give a fresh, neat look. When one grooms oneself, one looks more appealing and intimidating to everyone. So, make this a priority for yourself.

12. Re-Learn How business has to be Done

How Business Has To Be Done

When you run an organization, every decision has its repercussions, and it’s of massive risk in itself. One does a lot of analysis to understand what is important and how things should be done in general. When we know that the world is constantly evolving at a faster pace, the importance of staying updated with the latest technology always helps to curate things by continually thinking about the future. 

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