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10 Fun Things to do on a Saturday

10 Fun Things To Do On A Saturday

Weekdays are often very tiring; we understand the whys around it. And then comes Saturdays, the laziest days of the week. 

One of the greatest feelings is finishing work on weekdays and, finally, retiring for the weekend. Yes, we do want to be bit productive. But laying down remaining as unproductive as we can is yet another feeling.

But why do we look forward to Saturdays?

We all wish to have that fun Saturday to release all the pent-up frustration from work through the week. At the same time, it is equally tempting to have a weekend with simply nothing to do but be multi-slacking. 

But since you want to be productive as well. So we listed ten fun things you can do on a Saturday that is completely refreshing and will energize you.

1.Try A New Recipe

10 Fun Things To Do On A Saturday

A new recipe might be a considerable risk, but it could also be a great start to discover, “ Hey, I can actually cook, and I don’t suck entirely in a kitchen.” Cook a recipe that you are obsessed with while watching MasterChef. Nothing can replace the Feeling of cooking a new recipe that tastes incredible.

2. Binge Watch Your Favorite Shows

10 Fun Things To Do On A Saturday

Saturdays are a great time to catch up and binge-watch your favorite shows. 

Has it been too long since you rewatched Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Binge-watch them again. If that is not enough, pick any show on Netflix or Amazon Prime, or else try another cheap secret option here, you can actually binge-watch some movies on Telegram for free.

3. Get Back To Your Favorite Book

10 Fun Things To Do On A Saturday

Maybe your old favorite book is waiting for you to pick it up again and revisit that imaginative spree. That bookmark waiting for you may have something new to show you. Indulge in your old favorites.

4. Try Doodling: It's Fun!

10 Fun Things To Do On A Saturday

You might suck at drawing or painting, but doodles are never about rules, lines, or circles. Just let the pencil play around the paper. You will find a new Instagram post through those mindless doodles.

5. Watch a Play

10 Fun Things To Do On A Saturday

Your nearest theater might be just the entertainment you need. Watching actors live on stage playing a character might be what you need for your chill weekend. Nasuradeen Shah and Ratna Pathak are part of some fantastic theatrical stage shows worth watching live.

6. Video Call An Old Friend

10 fun things to do on a saturday

Has it been too long since you last spoke to your friend who has shifted to a different city? 

Catch up with them. They might have just the juicy gossip to light up your Saturday into a spree of stories and a gateway where you can complain endlessly about your work.

7. Have A Lunch With A Friend

10 Fun Things To Do On A Saturday

Catch up with your friends for lunch. We all need to gossip urgently with our friends over lunch and have a simple weekend starter.

8. Start A Scrapbook

10 Fun Things To Do On A Saturday

A scrapbook might be a thing of the past, but it is a great medium to release all that pent-up, tiring work and have a significant release of energy. Pick up that creative spark you left behind. Start with a scrapbook. A self-care journal in a scrapbook would be a great idea.

9. Organise A Sleepover

10 Fun Things To Do On A Saturday

Netflix and Chill? Yeah, Netflix might be expensive, but a sleepover with a movie night might be a cheaper alternative. After all, the internet is a store for thousands of miracles.

10. Have A Board Game Night

10 Fun Things To Do On A Saturday

Enjoy a long night of board games. There is an endless list of board games to play for your sleepover with friends. Snake and Ladders, Ludo and Monopoly are among the best board games.

Final Thought

The thing about having fun is just going through it without thinking too much. Fun things are to be done for you, there’s not a thought for worry. Just do it.

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