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It’s shaping beautifully! Curating your necessity: Remember! Wish List is not a Luxury, its Necessity

Heart is beating faster! Your pupils are dilating! Are you thinking about the most beautiful memories of your life which are running with open eyes? Are there any incomplete wishes which are attached to this pool of nostalgia? 

If yes, it might be the reason why your mind is full of regrets and confusion. And maybe it is the time why you may start crafting your wishlist sooner. 


So, in this article let’s explain why making a list full of good desires is a necessity and not a luxury.

What is a wish list?

Wishes are the desires which we all desire to happen in our entire life span. And it can be anything, be it goals, your affection for someone, your start to manifesting something bigger and better; it can be anything. 

And to make these wishes to become our reality, it is crucial to create a wish list which is a simple handwritten full list of our wishes. Remember! The purpose of writing a wishlist is to always incline in the positive direction by gathering motivation and a high spirit of passion to make them a reality.

Why make a wish list?

1. Make a wish-list to achieve little goals

Creating a wish list helps us to process your thoughts and create step by step goals to achieve the same.

While making a wish list, one should not focus on any unrealistic desires/ goals. Remember! There is no success story with overnight success; it takes time, effort and ecosystem, to turn those dreams into reality in general.

2. Maintain a clear vision of mind

When we write multiple wishes without practically analyzing its worth, then it gets difficult to achieve those. 

Creating multiple wishes leads to instability and in-definite clarity about your wish. 

When one is devising the wish list, it is important to write it with a clear perspective and an ability to make it as your life aim without any second thought; hence, that wish should be written with better clarity and logic. 

For example, when you are choosing between a wish of achieving a luxury car after your first salary and the wish of investing that money in any other valuable asset, your thoughts should be clear while making a choice and you should employ the use of logic.

3. Prioritize tasks

While jotting down numerous wishes, we tend to forget the value of our priorities. Hence, it is essential to prioritize our tasks in life by writing those wishes in the list for which we imbibe the true spirit of dedication and sincerity. 

For example, nothing is more important than your family, friends, money and health. Keep these things in mind first; then make a decision.

4. Self motivation

To serve the main purpose of making wishes into reality, it is important to value our own self. Self-concept of a person should be built stronger to not let their confidence fall. If one encompasses a strong perception about oneself, then their self motivation rises and helps to stay motivated. 

Finding sources of self motivation is also a good thing. For example, rewarding oneself with a chocolate treat after successful completion of a regular task.

5. Celebrate little achievements

The path to success is difficult. This journey demands hard-work and persistence, due to which one might fail to stay happy and appreciate oneself. 

Hence, it is crucial to celebrate small achievements to increase the happy memories in life and make your journey to success a brighter and vibrant one! 

For example, getting your first internship/ job and offer letter can be celebrated with family to keep yourself motivated and remember your worth in life.

6. Small steps to achieve bigger dreams

Every small step counts; hence, it is important to take small steps, learn and then rise, rather than jumping onto bigger things and then failing. 

For example, if you do the same thing each day you become an expert, but in case, if your priorities are not segmented into day-wise and is not scheduled well, then it would lead to failure in achieving the desired outcome. 

Hence, remember, small steps count and they serve as building blocks of getting better results.

7. Helps to stay on the right path

Framing our wishes in a wish list helps us to choose between what’s right and what’s wrong. It improves our conscience and helps us to make more informed decisions. For example, writing a wish to become a journalist and seeing it everyday would remind us of our life goal and help us to stay on the right path, even if a wrong thought strikes our mind.

Final Thoughts

Your wait is over! 

Grab a pen and paper to start your journey of making a wish list and curate your necessity. It will not only help you to achieve your desires and become a reality but also make your life skills become more consistent, efficient and highly productive.

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