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Living Fully: 6 Simple Ways to Be in the Moment

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In this article, we’ll discover useful methods that can help us appreciate life’s special moments and develop a deeper sense of joy and contentment.

Have you ever found that while working, your thoughts start to stray? 

You may believe me; I’ve been there. But guess what? 

There are several amazing techniques for fully appreciating the present moment, known as “Being in the Moment.”

It’s similar to savoring each mouthful of a wonderful meal or feeling the sun on your skin when out for a walk. 

You concentrate on the present rather than what has happened in the past or what is ahead. By focusing on the here and now, one can feel happier and less anxious.

Be in the moment!

In our hectic lives, accepting the beauty of the present moment can frequently feel difficult. Technology, commitments, and worry may easily draw our focus away from what is most important—the present moment. 

Here are some of the way to help you live in the present:

6 Ways to Be In The Present

1. Letting Go Of The Distractions

Minimize distractions from social media, phones, and other devices. Focus on present and resist the impulse to constantly check your alerts.

Keep your Phone Away While Eating 

Keep your phone away from the table when you’re eating. Enjoy the taste and textures of your meal, and converse intelligently with those you are eating it with.

Schedule a Focused Time Slot

Allocate a specified period of uninterrupted time while working on important tasks.Focus on that one thing, don’t get distracted with too many browser tabs and switch off your phone, if required.

2. The Mind-Body Connection

We may strongly ground ourselves in the present moment thanks to the mind-body connection. 

It enables us to focus on our body and mind, which includes

We can align our thoughts and physiological experiences by practicing mindfulness, deep breathing, and physical activity. 

This alignment enables us to completely engage with the richness of the present and to develop a greater feeling of awareness and appreciation for each passing moment.

3. Help us Relish The Moment

Be in the moment is like taking a moment to savor the beauty of a single, temporary moment. 

This technique teaches us to focus on the present, let go of distractions, and use all of our senses. 

Relishing the moment allows us to taste the delicacy of life’s basic pleasures, much like a gourmet does while relishing each mouthful of a good meal. 

It serves as a reminder to slow down, be in the now, and appreciate the beauty all around us.


4. Engage!

Give your all to what you are doing, be it doing a task or spending time with your loved one or enjoying your hobby. 

Go deep into the moment forgetting what’s around and not worrying about what’s coming next.

It’s like being the star of your own movie, where the script is the present, and your attention is the spotlight.

5. Manage your Time well and Be in the Present

Making effective time commitments open opportunities for undistracted presence. 

You may totally immerse yourself and gain deeper experiences from each moment by concentrating on one item at a time. 

Being present also helps you manage your time effectively since it helps you approach things with greater awareness and focus. 

By striking a balance between productivity and mindfulness, you can manage life’s obligations while appreciating the beauty of the present moment.

6. Create Mindful Rituals

It’s like adding special moments to your daily routine by developing thoughtful routines. You may make your morning coffee a peaceful and delightful experience by taking your time and truly savoring it. 

Alternatively, you may go outside and observe the hues, sounds, and sensations there.

 It will remind you to be mindful of the present moment by these practices. 

The way they say, “Hey, be here now!” is like soft taps on your shoulder. 

By performing these rituals, you transform everyday activities into chances to fully experience life.

Being an author to this article, i also am a person who loves Bollywood movies and writing about this subject i remembered a dialogue from a famous movie “ Bachna Ae Haseeno”

 “Kal toh chala gaya, us pe koi control nahi. Aur aane waala kal toh tab hi sambhlega jab aaj kuch theek kar do.”

Final Thoughts

Being in the present is like take a fresh breath to smell those flowers in a busy garden to live in the moment.


It involves taking a break from worrying about the past or the future and focusing entirely on the present. 


So, when you’re with pals, pay attention and engage in conversation without daydreaming. Taste every bite you take when you’re eating which involves appreciating the little things that make life lovely.

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