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The VibeTwist Cafe: Nurtured through Feedback

Meet Tia, a 20 year old food vlogger, who visited a cafe to create a vlog and reviewed the food and ambience there. As she entered the cafe she found that the vibe was really off there. She found that the cafe was almost empty, had rarely any vibe there, and was with poor lighting. 

Then she meets Varun, the owner of the cafe. She told him about her plan of shooting a vlog and reviewing the cafe. Varun agreed. Tia started vlogging, she roamed around the cafe and tried their special coffee. She reviewed all the facilities there, hence, completed her vlog and left the place. 

The next day, she posted the vlog, where she said that the decor of the cafe is so outdated and the lights are so dim which is making it a dull place for hanging out. The staff are not so co-operative and appear to be disinterested. There was no selfie spot, where people could click pictures and the coffee served lacked delightful flavour, and found the cafe not worth the price. 

She showed her disappointment and ended the video. 

When Varun watched her vlog he lost his mind because of the poor review she posted. He called her and angrily asked how she could post a negative review for his cafe. 

She then cleared that she has just posted the reality and it’s her work.

She further explained to him that the cafe lacks the vibe, and is really outdated. After listening to Tia, Varun got offended and shouted at her saying she doesn’t know how to review a place. And called her an immature Gen z girl. Tia got angry and said  that he has no idea about the trends, and his outdated thoughts are the reason behind his empty cafe. 

Later, she ends the call. 

Varun got so offended and disturbed by the conversation that he had with Tia. 

Later, Varun sat back and reviewed a few things and found two people sitting in the entire cafe. Reality hit back at him later. He notices the dim lights and the silence inside his cafe. 

Few minutes later, he realised that Tia was right and hence, he decided to renovate the cafe. He renovated it according to the review that was given by Tia. 

A week later, the cafe was successfully renovated. The decor was updated, vloggers around the city went ga-ga about the cafe and hence, the ambience attracted more customers. 

With bright lighting, expanded menu and upgraded equipment, the cafe became a hub for the local community. The cafe became a popular hangout spot for people, making it a successful and a thriving business.


Varun was happy and ecstatic about his recent success. So overjoyed that he wanted to call Tia and apologise but was hesitating to do so. After two hours of overthinking, he finally decided to call her. At the first try, Tia didn’t pick the call.Varun tried again and again but failed, then he realised that he was blocked by her. He then started watching her vlogs and got her address after searching a lot. 

He reached her home, rang the bell. Tia opened the door and was surprised to see him. Varun apologised to her and thanked her. He admitted his fault and informed her that he has worked on the flaws of the cafe. Tia was pleased to know that. Varun asked Tia to be his friend and keep guiding him to which Tia agreed. And after this incident they became good friends.

Final Thoughts

There is one lesson learned here: Feedback is always important for progress and growth, don’t ever hesitate to ask for feedback and never disrespect them. Take feedback as a valuable tool for growth and not as a criticism that is feared or rejected.


“In this endeavor there is neither loss nor diminution, and even a little practice protects one from great fear.” 

(Chapter 2, Verse 40)

This verse suggests that even small efforts towards self-improvement, guided by awareness of our shortcomings, can lead to significant progress.


“Learn from those who are learned, inquire from the wise. Knowledge is to be acquired by prostration, by service, by inquiry and by humility.”

 (Chapter 4, Verse 34)

This verse directly advocates seeking guidance and feedback from knowledgeable individuals as a means of acquiring knowledge and progressing on the spiritual path.


 He is learned who sees the same Self in all beings, looking with an equal eye on the learned and the ignorant, the humble and the proud.”

(Chapter 5, Verse 17)

This verse encourages impartiality and objectivity in self-assessment, implying that seeing our own flaws and strengths clearly is crucial for growth.So, never consider feedback as a criticism,  rather consider feedback as your guide for development and success.

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