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You have landed at the right place in case you are looking for a platform that takes care of your holistic Wellbeing! We have got you covered in case you are experiencing a low morale and poor self-esteem or poor self-image or if you have a feeling that negativity has engulfed you. 

Our organization – ‘The One-Liner’ covers it all. You will finally find your gateway to positivity, optimism, knowledge and hope through The One Liner. It doesn’t matter how much money you saved in your bank or how many expensive clothes you have in your colossal closet. All that really matters is the combination of a positive attitude and knowledge that has always helped people to deal with the situation better.A brand under Prajeshvara  Real Value Solution & Marketing Private Limited, Odisha.

What do we do?

The One Liner is a Internet Publishing Platform that blends thoughts with creativity and delivers knowledge with full conviction! Here, we discuss everything that matters to the ecosystem via articles, interactive videos, graphics, pictures and the list goes on.

Here, is a secret to a happy life that we want to share with all and it is understanding that negativity will always be there around you; but what matters is learning the art of keeping the negativity at bay and not letting it interfere with your inner peace.

At ‘The One Liner’, we hope to motivate and inspire you with our thoughts filled with knowledge and wisdom. 

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The One Liner’s mission is to be your go-to Holistic Wellbeing platform when you feel negativity has engulfed you or you are experiencing low morale and poor self-esteem or poor self-image or have less knowledge about the ecosystem.


The One Liner is a platform that ensures all its articles, stories, and other media-related stuff blend thoughts with creativity and delivers knowledge with full conviction. We spread positivity, optimism, knowledge, and hope through our stories or articles. 

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