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Small cities with Big Heart: 7 Reasons Why I’m in love with People from Small Cities

In small cities, where people know each other, kindness is a common love language for all. Their city may be small, but they are the people with big hearts. 

Small city people have warmth and compassion and this differentiates them from their urban counterparts. You may call them people from small city but they are those group of people who have

But what makes them the people of big hearts?


In this article, we are going to share some of the characteristics that nurtures these big hearts of the small city residents.

What embodies the true spirit of Small Town?

When we talk about small cities, the most beautiful thing about them is that they know almost everyone around them. People there share a very pure connection among themselves. Everyone is close like family members. 

We know the milkman, we know the shopkeeper, the postman, and almost everyone. There is a sense of care in their hearts and they are always eager to help each other. This makes life in small cities more special and beautiful. People learn to build and maintain relations in small towns. 

Even rikshawala knows your place, all you need is to share a smile, have empathy, have care and build trust for each other. 


What are these Big Cities/ Metros missing out?

These big cities have fast lifestyles. There is a crowd but you are still all alone. Traits like empathy and care are missing. Everyone is a stranger, but busy living their own life and tackling their own problems. People are so busy that they are not even able to help each other.

Thus, the feeling of oneness is lacking in these big cities and people are somewhere lost in the bright lights of these metroes.

But is it possible to live a life like you are living in a small city and at the same time have a big heart? Mabe be you can if you try to replicate what people in small cities and try to replicate in your own neighbourhood and location. So

Let’s explore

Top 7 Reasons Why Small city People have Big hearts

1. Small Town Vibe

It is very easy to survive in small cities as everything is so affordable around you. Neighbours plant their own vegetables, and sharing and caring starts from your aunty next door. You can enjoy the true essence of living simple lives with nature and peace around you. Everything is so green, because not everything is commercialised here.  

You understand the beauty of living a peaceful life far from the hustle-bustle of the big cities where things are not complicated, everyone around you makes you feel like family and friends. The vibes are so positive that it makes your mood happy and stress free at the same time.

2. Community Bonds

People in small cities are so welcoming, they know how to build and maintain bonds with each other. Be it diwali, holi or even a small pooja, everyone celebrates with fun and floric here Everyone is treated like family. 

These small town people always stand by each other. They support each other in times of sorrow and even celebrate happy moments together. 


The community of small city people is tied with the invisible thread of love, care and support. And with time these bonds keep getting even more stronger.

3. Less Hectic Lifestyle

Small town people are known for their less hectic lifestyles. 

People here often spend a peaceful life, free from stress and some worries . Things are much simpler there. Life is more relaxed, there is less traffic, less noise and less hustle. As a result, there is no pollution around.

You live in a relaxed atmosphere, and can easily access nature. The factors make lives less hectic and their residents there enjoy the slower pace of life.

4. Cultural Values

Culture is the thread that ties these small town people strongly together. Local events, community gatherings and festivals bring these people even closer, making their bonds even more stronger. 

And often, these small cities have their own regional culture and traditions and this supports local artists as well. People sharing the same cultural and traditional beliefs makes it even more easy for them to build strong and trustworthy connections. 

5. Less Impersonal

The small cities residents are often less impersonal, they are more approachable, and they engage in genuine conversations showing their willingness to connect with the other person. 

In these towns, people know each other by their names and genuinely care about each other’s well- being. They always try to make their bonds stronger and healthier. They know the importance of genuine relations and connections.

6. Shared Experiences

The small city people enjoy sharing and listening to each other’s experiences. They are always ready for those genuine conversations. Together they share many experiences and they create many memories. 

People in small cities know that these experiences and memories are precious gifts of life. They share their opinions, thoughts and experiences with one another and they also learn from each other’s experiences. 

This exchange of experiences make their bonds even more healthy and trustworthy.

7. Friendly Neighbourhood

The small town people often have friendly neighbourhoods, they share the bond of family with each other. They are a part of each other’s sorrows and happiness. 

They celebrate local events and festivals together. They create an environment where people easily connect, socialise and support one another.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion,

The fact that people in small cities are so economically interdependent which strengthens their connections, and emphasises mutual support. The adaptability and resilience in smaller cities is more as a result they cultivate empathy and compassion. And there is always sense of belongingness in the community all together. 

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