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A Beginners Guide : Seashell Collection as Hobby

Seashell Collection as Hobby
Seashell Collection as Hobby

Seashell collection is tempting hobby, still there are thousands of people who are unaware where to start. Despite being popular, seashell collection is overwhelming for beginners. To help you here is mini guide to her started!


In this article, we will explore the effects of seashell collection on well-being. And we have curated a mini guide to get started with the Seashell collection as a Hobby!

If you are someone who wants to start seashell collection as a hobby, then don’t worry we got you covered. 

Here’s a beginners  guide to get started with the Seashell collection as a Hobby!

Beginners Guide : Seashell Collection as Hobby

Why the Seashell collection?

Some people are intrigued by the beauty and aesthetic of seashells while others collect seashells for educational purposes  . Seashell collection popularly known as concology is a widely popular hobby. 

Their intriguing beauty, artistic expression and connection with nature motivate people to collect seashells.

All you need to know about Seashells

Before delving into the tempting world of seashell and ocean life, you must know about common types of seashell, their habitats and species. 

However,  collectors who have adequate knowledge about habitats tend to have an enriched collection. Therefore, you start to learn various types of seashells and their habitats. 

We’ve created a list of some common seashells.

Abalone Shell
Abalone Shell

1. Abalone Shell

 Next time whenever you come across seashell home decor, try to notice a spiral whorl seashell that looks like a plate. 

This seashell is known as Abalone Shell, and it’s common in various home decor, dishware, jewelry pieces and buttons. Abalone is one the basic seashells you must know about.

Cowrie Seashell
Cowrie Seashell

2. Cowrie Seashell

Cowrie Seashell is the most beautiful, smooth, vibrant and intricate seashell. Oval shaped seashells with teeth lining are mostly in decor and handcraft projects.  

However, the use depends on you. For seashell collectors these seashells will add elegance in your collection.

Melon Seashel
Melon Seashel

3. Melon Seashell

Melon Seashell are attractive and distinct with the wide aperture and three-four groves. Besides the fact Melon seashells are common, still collecting them is a task. These seashells are found in deep oceans. 

Apart from this, melon seashells are colorful and are used in various home records and will add beauty to their collection.

4. Clams Seashell

Clams Seashell are available in various shapes & sizes across the coastline. These seashells are easily available across any seas or water bodies.  

However , the unique shape and size of clams seashell makes the collection unique and decorative. Beginners should start  from clams seashell collectors. These seashells add a unique aesthetic to the collection.

Nautilus seashell
Nautilus seashell

5. Nautilus Seashell

Nautilus is a double layered seashell, each layer is formed of different features and colors. This gives Nautilus a unique physical appearance. Combination of prelancesnt blue and dark orange stripes are identifying features. 

Although , these are found in every region therefore it’s raised to collect. Beginners should definitely try to find these unique seashells.

Final Thoughts

For beginners exploring the beach, looking for seashells and preserving seashells is overwhelming. To ease the work we covered all the aspects of seashell collecting as a hobby. 

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