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Raising A Girl Child with unparalleled Purpose and Dignity : 4 Things To do Raise Our Girl Child Right.

Raising A Girl Child with unparalleled Purpose and Dignity : 4 Things To do Raise Our Girl Child Right.


But more than anything, more than anything.

My wish for you is that this life becomes all that you want it to

Your dreams stay big; your worries stay small

You never need to carry more than you can hold

And while you’re out there getting where you’re getting to

I hope you know somebody loves you and wants the same things too.”

Lyrics are from the song “My wish” by Rascal Flatts

These beautiful lyrics are from the song “My wish” by Rascal Flatts; girls should hear this while growing up and exploring the world. 

There are many success stories because they dared to dream big, worry about what matters, and be loved by someone who equally believes in the same idea and vision. 

With changing times, the Mindset of Individuals is changing. Today, Girls are as credible as men in the sectors that men once dominated. 

Many strong women personalities are known solely for their work, like Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, the first female programmer on a Harvard Mark I computer; Sirimavo Bandaranaike (Sri Lanka), the first female prime minister to be democratically elected. Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman in space and the youngest Prime Minister of Finland, Sanna Marin. And, well, the list is too long. 

Parents have reasons to worry about the safety and security of their girl child, but it is unfair to say that is the only factor of concern. 


Raising a child will teach several things in life. But having a girl child will change your perception and vision of the world around you.

While raising a kid is no joke, what is essential is what Mindset people are raising their girls; if it is not good enough, then it becomes the most significant barrier while raising a girl child. 

One must pay sincere attention to how you raise a girl child. Empower your girl to be confident and make her believe that she is strong and capable enough to face any difficult circumstance. You may lose or win in the process but what matters is whether your intent is correct. 

Gender In-Equality Around the World

My father once told me, “Fatherhood is scary when you have your first child. You suddenly feel a bit new, like somehow you have become a whole new person. But with a girl child, it becomes all more special. It changes everything.

 You wouldn’t imagine a man spending 2 hours in a shop for children, but when you have a little girl, you’re more than happy to spend hours in that stupid shop until your little one finds that one piece of article they like. 

At the same time, you start to worry more about her future. 

Would she have the same secure future that I have? Will she be treated? 

You look at the people around you, and it reminds you that it is far more important to tell that little girl to dream big and never sacrifice their dreams because it is just as important.” 

Gender Equality isn’t just about asking for fundamental rights that every woman deserves; it is asking for all women to be treated equally:

When you look at the statistics of gender equality, you begin to see the problem. 

According to reports, gender parity in under-5 mortality can be seen globally in most regions of the world. There are notable gaps in Algeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, India, and Iran.

Parity is the expected mortality rate for each sex, given girls’ biological advantage in survival. 

These notable gaps persist in these five countries: in these countries, girls’ risk of dying before age 5 is significantly higher than expected for the level of mortality, suggesting entrenched gender-based discriminatory practices.

When we look at these figures from the gender equality overview, we realize that it has become essential for all of us to focus on raising our girls to achieve greatness in their field who are confident and proud of themselves. 

Because these days, it is easy to find girls who self-doubt themselves but challenging to find tough girls who are overly ambitious and overly optimistic about themselves.

In fact, it is the right time to invest in their future and encourage more girls to focus on their future.

So What We Need To do Raise Our Girl Child Right?

For a tree to bear fruits, parents and guardians must make reasonable efforts in the right direction. That means we first sow the right seed, shower some water, and then improve the soil quality by adding some fertilizers and water as needed. 

 So we covered things that we must focus on for the holistic growth of a girl child.

Expression of Anger is of Three Types


  1. Aggressive
  2. Passive
  3. Assertive


Anger is expressed in three ways;

  1. Passive Aggression

The first one is Passive Aggression, where sometimes a person doesn’t admit that they are angry but are annoyed and expresses their Anger in silence, sulking, or by pretending that “everything is okay.” 

  1. Open Aggression

The second type is Open Aggression, where a person expresses Anger and rage and may lash out at other people. They can be physically or verbally aggressive. 

  1. Assertive Anger

The third type is Assertive Anger which is a healthy way of dealing with Anger where a person communicates their feelings without hurting themselves and keeping others’ feelings in mind. They will be open to talking, listening, and finding solutions.

1. Celebrate The Birth Of a Girl Child

The Gender Ratio is the number of girls born per 100 boys. Globally, as of 2021, there is an average of 101.68 males per 100 females. That means that there are slightly more males on average around the world. 

 Algeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, India, and Iran have a significant gap in the gender ratio. You will see the gap known as “missing girls.” There are a large number of these missing girls in these countries. 

 The way to normalize this ratio is to celebrate the birth of a girl child. We must leave behind certain stigmas and change our mindsets about the girl child.

2. Accessible Education To Girl Child.

We have to focus on making Education accessible for girls. Good Education leads to unlimited opportunities. 

Good Education leads to a better mindset, which will encourage many to become more passionate and ambitious about their goals which later becomes stepping stones to better living standards and dignified life.

3. Eliminating Under-Age Marriage And Early Pregnancy

Eliminating Under-Age Marriage And Early Pregnancy is an uncomfortable topic for many, but we need to talk. 

Unless we don’t eliminate this social barrier, girls will never get a chance to shine and reach great heights. We must stop child marriages in specific countries.

 An early pregnancy becomes a barrier for women regarding health, rights, Education, and potential.

4. Giving Pregnancy Care To Women

According to UNICEF, numerous cases in which women and girls die due to pregnancy and childbirth-related issues have reduced by 38% worldwide. While this is a significant change, we must give more care and do whatever we can to give women better hospitality during their pregnancy. 

 Still, a large percentage of women in the world have significantly less access to pregnancy care. They are either malnourished or deficient in nutrition, considerably threatening their health and the child. We need to pay attention to food during pregnancy and childbirth.

 The lack of knowledge and power to make educated decisions about their sexual and reproductive wellness and rights – is also a problem.

Final Thoughts

We are all moving in the right direction, with several people supporting girls in every field. But the change has to be in the Mindset of people. We need to offer more women as role models to young girls. We must give all the space and opportunity for girls and women to rise and shine.


Women and girls have always faced hurdles. But that’s never stopped us. We’ve sacrificed, fought, campaigned, succeeded, been knocked back, and succeeded again. In a race for justice, we’ve leaped over countless obstacles to win our rights.”

Emma Watson

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