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Pop Culture and Mental Wellness: 5 Impacts of Entertainment on Mental Health

Are you Swiftie?  

Taylor Swift, current phenomenon and a very well known pop culture around the world is known for her songs that share her personal experiences of relationships, heartbreaks and self love. Her songs also explore the themes of women empowerment and being strong which help her audience to connect to her and learn self love.

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Pop culture often shapes our ideas and perspectives of what is normal and acceptable in society.It also reflects what’s going on in society. In this modern era, pop culture has a huge impact on people’s mentality and mental health.

It can influence your thoughts and perceptions and sometimes you can also find the content relatable that is presented. It also distracts you from your daily life stress and problems by entertaining you. 

Many people who are going through mental breakdown or mental health issues get help from the pop culture content and start healing.

Basically, pop culture has a lot of impacts on one’s mental well-being. So, let’s know more about pop culture and its effects on mental health.

Bands like Imagine Dragons, Linkin Park, Taylor Swift

Imagine Dragons, Linkin Park, and Taylor Swift are popular bands, artists and well-known people who are a part of pop culture and have a massive impact on people’s mental health. 

Imagine Dragon, an Australian band, has a solid emotional connection with the audience through their music.

People who listen to them often profoundly connect with their music, as it helps them face various mental health issues as their music often relates emotionally to humans. 

This helps the audience who are suffering from heartbreaks and mental health issues in healing and also aids them in self-discovery, making them even more mentally stronger.

The Impact of pop culture on mental well-being

Pop culture has a great impact on people’s mental health. It shapes your thoughts and perspectives. It influences the way you think. 

In many cases, people find the content helpful as it helps them in the process of healing from any kind of mental breakdown just like The One Liner. Pop culture makes you learn the concept of self discovery and self love, which is a very important thing to learn in order to survive in the world.

Here is how it helps!

Salena Gomez , one of the most followed celebrities in North America, always sets an example for people around the world. 

Now, if she writes a song, “Lose you to love me” which tells you to choose yourself first, not in a selfish way but for valuing your self-worth. 

Then people follow the same.

Impact of Pop culture on mental wellness

1. Powerful People walk the talk with Powerful Mind

Pop culture has a powerful influence on mind wellness. It provides an escape from the stress and problems of daily life. Music, movies or music shows can really help people in getting refreshed and recharged. 

Some content also empowers people and makes them believe in themselves. Encourage them and don’t let them give up in their lives. Pop culture content teaches to accept oneself and understand self worth. People get connected with the help of pop culture. 

“ Stronger” , a song by Kelly Clarkson motivates you to stay confident and to not lose hope as facing  problems strengthen us.

2. Boasts your overall wellness

Pop culture helps in boosting your overall wellness as it takes care of one’s emotional wellbeing by reducing the feeling of loneliness and encouraging during tough times. It also helps you in building good social connections as people of the same tastes can interact and build relationships. 

It also helps you in stress reduction as you can escape your daily life stress for a temporary period while enjoying the pop culture content. In some forms of this culture, there are dance based or outdoor activities which can help you in being physically fit and this  eventually promotes overall wellness. 

“Taki Taki”, a pop song by DJ Snake pulls every listener to the dance floor and makes them dance on the electrifying beats of the song and hence dancing contributes in keeping them physically fit. 

3. Has a Fun & Positive Social media influence

Pop culture and social media are strongly connected and both of them influence ideas, thoughts and perspectives of the public. Pop culture often sets trends and gets viral through social media platforms. 

Be it memes related to the BOYS, or the reels related to SIGMA Males or ALPHA males, though they all sound similar, but yes, they are always fun to watch. 

Social media has an influence on a wide range of audience with the help of these social media platforms. Sometimes celebrities also create a trend which makes it even more impactful and powerful. 

Pop culture often reflects and brings out the topics of societal issues and social media serves as a platform for having a discussion on those topics and sets an example for the world. One of the most popular twitter users in India is Ananad Mahendra, whom people often follow on Twitter, which later becomes a trend for all.  

Other examples like Rockabye, a song by Clean Bandit, talks about the problems that are faced by single mothers and encourages them to stay motivated amidst all the difficulties, ensuring them that it is just a tough phase of their life and they will surely overcome every hardship.

4. Gears up popular celebrity culture

Celebrities often serve as a main figure in impacting and shaping people’s minds with the help of popular trends. They have a huge influence on their fans and followers. 

The topics that these celebrities talk about becomes a hot topic of discussion, adds to the general vocabulary of individuals and also sets an example on how to deal with societal issues and bring change in their audience’s thoughts and perspectives. 

Overall, It changes societal norms and values for people around. Hence, these public figures hold a great power to influence the public.

“Born this way”, a song by Lady Gaga was inspired by Carl Bean, a gay black religious activist who wrote about being “ born this way”.This inspired the audience to accept themselves by embracing their physical traits wholeheartedly by giving a message that everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way. 

5. A Musical Therapy for Most

Music therapy helps a lot of people in overcoming their problems and in fighting with mental health issues. Pop culture with music gets connected emotionally with the audience. 

Music has the power of evoking emotions and memories, listening to songs can provide you comfort and relaxation. People often relate to the lyrics and this helps in the process of self-expression. Music in pop culture helps people in getting healed and empowered. It creates a great influence on people’s minds.

“OK not to be OK” is a song by Demi Lovato which was in a partnership with the Hope for The Day Suicide Prevention Movement.

And I am sure, there are millions in India, who tune into Arijit Singh music, whenever there is any heartbreak. 

Final Thoughts

Pop culture has a big impact on people’s minds. It shapes their ideas and thoughts. In today’s world, many people are suffering from mental health issues, but pop culture content is helping them to fight these issues. 

It is also contributing in bringing out the societal issues and it is making people discuss them. Pop culture is helping people understand the concept of self love and self worth. It is empowering individuals. It is contributing in making people mentally strong and healthy. 

So who is your favourite pop culture. 

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