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Trending Towards Tomorrow: 10 times it felt, “Let Glacier melt for the future.”


Explore the effects of digital isolation, micro-labelling, and cancel culture and how they relate to glacial melt in the modern world.

Is adulting all about love? Or is it also about how well-spoken and smart you are in dealing with things?

We love Maggi! But why is the world too adventurous with those two-minute noodles? So much so that chocolate maggi and maggi biryani are trending online. Adulation is good, but why is there a vast crowd to receive reality show winners, but only some people receive some legend? 

Moral: If this persists forever, say, “Let sanity live for now and let the glacier melt for the future generation.”

The Cancel Culture

A Digital Dilemma

This internet world is a circus, from people getting eyeball tattoos to dance-offs that make you doubt reality! Now I understand why I feel so acidic when I see too many curries bathing with Amul butter in the streets of Delhi. But this left me stunned when I saw some random street vendor making chocolate omelettes and vloggers making those appreciating reels. 

Every day, my moye-moye moment erupts whenever I accidentally scroll through the reel, and deep inside my heart, I feel, “Let glacier melt for this future generation.” 

What drives these trends, nevertheless? Is it our need for attention, or is it just uniqueness? 

Some trends, though hilarious, elevate silliness to a higher plane or belittle serious issues. Remember how these technological pranks shape our world as we ride this digital wave.

Weird Reels and the Allure of Bizarre Trends

Some struggled badly to cut through Bollywood; finding their place in the industry took time and effort. But Bollywood’s cancellation culture has become so devastating that some emerging actors have lost their confidence in facing the crowd.

While the cause was good, here is the thing: Bollywood is the biggest and best medium for cultural exchange across the world and bringing trade and commerce to the nation. In recent times, not many Bollywood movies have done well.

Capturing Every Moment From Anywhere

In this digital age, we’re like walking paparazzi, recording every blink and burp with our phones. Nothing is off-limits when taking morning coffee selfies or recording the instant a bird takes your food.

The constant presence of cameras has drastically changed our understanding of privacy and public space. People have started taking selfies at many un-events as well.

I agree with Virat Kohli, when he said, “you can’t take my pictures when I am eating, I don’t want you to mock me when there is spinach stuck in between my teeths.”

Micro-Labelling Is The Context Of Modern Identity

We’ve gone label-crazy in our search for individuality. People are applying more tags than a thrift shop sale to their micro-labelling, which is all the rage. But hold up—while it seems empowering, are we losing our bigger picture? Do we risk becoming tiny islands in a sea of labels?

I am Santani, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have street food or that I am Brahmachari. I am a foodie, but that doesn’t mean I would eat street food cooked in the cheapest oil. I am Hindu, but that doesn’t mean I am a fully vegetarian. I believe in astrology, but that doesn’t mean my self-belief is not my higher self. 

Thus, the micro-labelling trend demands individualized identity, from complex identifier combinations to unique labelling. 

But why this theory? We can go either way.

The Disappearance of Phone Calls in a Digital World

Do you recall those extended late-night phone calls? Thanks to texts and status updates, they’re now listed as an endangered species.

Texting is the latest king, allowing us to write the ideal message with ease just like a child using a smartphone. Where’s the spontaneity, though? The uncomfortable moments that truly defined friendships?

But I want to speak my heart out; I can’t tilt my head, and I want to speak to someone on a loudspeaker and share what I feel daily. Why are these things missing now? And why are we so busy these days, I wonder. 

Like ancient artifacts, phone calls take us back to a time when electronics get in the way of real communication.

Pranks That Arent Even Hilarious

Some people have crossed moral lines for humor in the chase for likes and shares, from staged robberies that incite fear to risky challenges with long-term repercussions.

These practical jokes frequently leave their victims traumatized or embarrassed.It’s not a laughing topic, ranging from thefts that incite fear to risky challenges that can send you to the emergency room.

Everytime when I saw someone discriminating racially, or objectifying them in some or other way, I simply felt , “let glacier melt for the future generation”

Final Thoughts

Let’s preserve genuine relationships and let the world live how it has been for centuries, proudly aided by technology. 

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