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Is it ok to disappear for a while until you feel you again?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed and disconnected from yourself while life spiraled out of control? 

It’s simple to overlook our well-being and the things that genuinely make us happy amid our fast-paced and demanding environment. 

It’s critical to prioritize self-care and take the necessary actions to reclaim our sense of self. 

The technique of “disappearing” until you feel like yourself again is one method that has gained popularity in recent years.

 I can personally attest to the transformational impact of this practice and how it can significantly improve our mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

In this case, disappearing doesn’t imply leaving our duties unfinished or completely disappearing from the planet.

 Instead, it is purposefully removing ourselves from some aspects of our lives to make room for introspection, renewal, and rediscovery. Prioritizing our mental health and reclaiming our sense of identity is a decision.


This article will discuss why it’s essential to disappear until you feel like yourself again and how it might enhance your general well-being.

Let's dive right in..

What makes you want to disappear?

What makes you disappear?

The idea of disappearing may seem paradoxical or selfish in a culture that frequently extols bustle and emphasizes continuous productivity. 

We can reconnect with our authentic selves and find the fortitude and clarity to deal with life’s issues during these intentional withdrawal moments.

The reasons behind the urge to disappear can vary significantly from person to person.

1. When one is overwhelmed and stressed out!

When life becomes overwhelming, whether due to work, personal relationships, or other responsibilities, the accumulation of stress and fatigue can make someone yearn for an escape. 

The urge to disappear may emerge as a desire to find solace and relief from the constant pressures of life.

2. Emotional turmoil!

It can be challenging to manage daily life when experiencing strong emotions like grief, worry, rage, or impatience. 

The desire to vanish could appear as a strategy to flee these oppressive feelings and look for isolation or a change of scenery to process and recover.

3. Loss of Direction or Purpose!

You may feel a solid desire to vanish if you feel disoriented, confused, or unsure of your life’s direction. 

It can signify that you need space to think, reevaluate your priorities, and rediscover what’s important to you.

4. Relationship Problems!

The feeling of being broken from inside when someone left you when you thought you loved them the most. 

It brings a sense of heavy sadness. It starts swallowing from inside, and in that time, you want to go somewhere and not be found.  

The desire to vanish can be exacerbated by conflict in personal relationships, whether with friends, family members, or love partners. 

It might be a reaction to disagreements, a sensation of being misunderstood, or the desire for space to assess the dynamics and resolve problems.

5. Mental Health Issues!

Conditions like sadness, anxiety, or other mental health problems can make you more inclined to run away.

 One could feel the need to withdraw and seek relief due to the overpowering emotions or destructive thought patterns linked to these diseases.

6. Feeling Trapped or Unfulfilled!

 A desire to disappear can be sparked by feeling trapped in a work, routine, or unfulfilling or unsatisfying position. 

It can result from a want for authenticity, freedom, and the chance to discover new things.

Remembering that the temptation to disappear doesn’t always entail total seclusion or cutting off all contact. Instead, it frequently denotes a need for brief reflection, self-nurturing, and solitude.

To navigate these emotions and discover appropriate ways to handle them, asking for help from trustworthy people, such as friends, family, or experts, is helpful.

There is always a saying that every coin has two sides. While it seems like a self-care practice, it also has a downside.

relationship problem
relationship problem

Do we really need to disappear?



**It’s terrible to vanish when facing a challenge since challenges never disappear. They keep growing until you are dealing with a lot of issues.**

But have you decided what will make you disappear from this chaotic world? Think, think!

1. You might want a solo trip all by yourself!

Use forums, websites, and travel guides to research your destination. Learn about the area’s sights, things to do, and living circumstances. 

Read reviews, check rates, and gather information to prepare for your vacation. Make sure your visit is pleasant.

solo trip
solo trip

2. Cutting off communication with the people politely!

You’ll need to stop communicating with people if you want to disappear and concentrate on yourself temporarily.

You can achieve it by taking the following actions:


3. Stay away from social media!

Establish limits for your use of technology. Put rest and self-care first. Set aside time each day to turn off your screens at particular times.

To reduce distractions:

To lessen temptation, think about removing social networking apps from your phone.

Make a habit of periodically disconnecting from all electronics as part of a digital detox. This will enable you to put your well-being first and give yourself some alone time.

distance from social media
distance from social media

4. Say ‘no’ to new responsibilities for a while!

Say “no” to new obligations by establishing boundaries and prioritizing self-care.

Focus on what’s important to you, which includes putting yourself first and going missing for a bit. Never be frightened to be who you are.

talk with close once
talk with close once

5. Contact your loved ones frequently!

Even if you temporarily disappear so that you may take care of yourself, find a means to stay in touch with your loved ones.

Create frequent lines of communication, such as email, text messages, or video calls. To stay in touch, make a plan and schedule your connectivity. 

Inform folks you care about and consider significant about your ideas and updates.

Going somewhere and focusing on yourself for a while is beneficial and advised. Be sure to weigh the advantages and disadvantages before packing your bags.

It may be the most significant course of action, but there are also some drawbacks.

**Feeling to disappear for a while is okay but with some considerations!**

“Disappear but come back better.”

Final Thoughts

Disappearing for me meant stepping aside from the ongoing obligations and pressures that appeared to fill my days. 

It was about restoring my identity, getting back in touch with my hobbies, and finding comfort in solitary moments of thought. I used disappearing to put life on hold and let myself pay attention to my needs and priorities.

If you want to vanish, I advise you to listen to that inner voice. Give yourself the time and space to reconnect with your identity and priorities.

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