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Plot Your Slot! Learn How to make a weekly planner?

Addled brain! Your bewildered look is clearly visible! 

Let that muddled list of plans fall! 

Your befuddled state is going to change! Get a lucid style of weekly planning! 

Are your tasks not completed on time? Are you unable to organize your weekly tasks? Is this hindering your daily routine? And are you still reaching the workplace late, failing to meet your deadlines and managing even small tasks that make you perplexed for the entire day?

Here is the solution!

Just dismiss the confusion! Plot your Slot to Rock!


In this article, you will learn how to create a weekly planner, its significance, and ways to stick to it. This guide will help you to explore the best you deserve at every point of your life. 

How to plan your weekly planner?

1. Choose your format

Value your convenience and choose a format that suits your needs. It can be a diary, a digital application, or a virtual screen. After you select your desired format for jotting down your weekly plan, note down all significant tasks without missing out any single task.  

2. Select your timeframe

Now, your format is clear to you and you have to pick that specific week for which you are striving to essentially plan. Choose wisely by analyzing different months and understanding which month and week needs to be targeted as your primary priority in the present. 

3. List and prioritize your tasks

Write down all the tasks you have to complete on specific days of the respective week. Remember to keep the sequence organized without forgetting the urgent requirement of completion of certain tasks. Hence, according to your present requirements, identify your priorities and list them efficiently in an order.

4. Efficiently allocate time slots

According to your hierarchy of highest to least priority, assign different time and day-wise slots to different tasks that have to be completed in that specific selected week. Work on an estimate to remember what task requires what amount of time to avoid any unnecessary consumption of time. 

Remember your deadlines! 

5. Fuse breaks into routine

Breaks are a crucial component of a successful week plan. It helps us to relax and get a fresh outlook for completing upcoming projects of the day. Any favorite activity such as painting can be performed to utilize your break time in an interesting manner.

Various things are planned by us with a perspective of achieving it in a similar way as we think. But it might not turn out as we want it to be. Hence, at the end of the day, it is crucial to review your plan and adjust your schedules in context of incomplete tasks or enhance the planner list for the future by learning from present mistakes.

6. Incorporate widely planned reminders

Set reminders to remain alert and not get lost while working diligently. It helps us to recall our deadlines and work effectively.

7. Decorate

It is an optional step! 

It consists of making your weekly planner a visually appealing document to use it with interest and enjoy every bit of it. You can use stickers, markers or digital colors and quotes for self-motivation.

8. Stick to it

It is the most important part of creating a weekly planner. It involves the step of consistent implementation. This will help you to adopt principles of discipline and achieve success.

Ways to Stick to your weekly planner

Final Thoughts

It's easy-peasy! Just plot your slot to rock!

Creating your weekly planner will help you to learn the significance of discipline in life. It will sort all your confusions and provide a sense of clarity; hence, it aids in a smooth and efficient implementation. 

Thus, you can determine your own success by creating a good weekly planner.

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