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Breaking Barriers: Free Workplace AI Tools Fueling startup Growth for every Entrepreneurs

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In today’s fast paced digital lifestyle AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) has emerged as a transformative tool, revolutionising the way business operates.

AI  in the corporate world has become increasingly prevalent, enhancing efficiency, productivity, and decision making process. AI opens up with a lot of trajectories for a business despite the hefty investments in software and expertise.

Even small businesses/ startups can make use of the different AI tools available for free, leading them to access different new technologies and empowering their business.


In this article, we will explore a curated selection of free AI tools that every corporate entity can leverage to drive growth, improve efficiency, gain a competitive edge and make use of into their operations as well.

10 Free AI works tools for every corporate building startups

1. Google Workspace

G suite also known as google workspace is a collection of different applications of collaborations and productivity tools developed by google which are really efficient for different purposes. 

Some of them are Gmail, Google calendar, Google drive, meet, Google docs, sheets and slides are beneficial in overall workspace-productivity management. What is so good about using Google Workspace: since everything works in the cloud; you can assign, schedule and delegate tasks within some seconds even record the attendees names on Google Meet.

Now since you would be using Google workspace, handling complicated tasks or mitigating technical difficulties will be much easier.

2. Slack

Slack has become an indispensable tool for businesses of all sizes in different ways.

This application has a wide range of uses in business, It includes file storage, editing and sharing facilities like dropbox or google drive. This helps in up-to-date information among the team.

Slack offers a virtual workspace maintaining the connectivity among all the clients and colleagues and also offers numerous project management tools including Trello, Asana and Jira allowing the team to track the status of all the tasks assigned and sharing updates.

Slack supports interactions with bots which is helpful in building up new ideas, setting automatic reminders or providing external information to the board.

3. Zoom

Zoom has become an essential tool when communication, recruitment and collaborations are considered as it offers a range of facilities.

With the increase in the trend of remote work, zoom provides all the essential tools to maintain connectivity and communication in order to maintain streamline work among remote teams.

Zoom enables small businesses to host virtual workshops, consultation and support facilities, community gatherings and in person meetings when required all smoothly. With these features zoom allows quality information sharing and important discussions.

4. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is a powerful new generation AI tool which opens various features for small businesses for organising their customer relationships and streamline sales techniques.

This platform allows businesses to handle their contacts more efficiently, allowing them to organise their contacts list into different categories depending upon many criterias.

HubSpot CRM allows to manage sales and track orders at each stage possible along with creating customizable deal stages, setting milestones and tracking individual deals.

HubSpot  also provides the facility of tools which helps in calculating market performance and trends and measures the amount and quality of sales accordingly.

HubSpot CRM integrates seamlessly with other HubSpot products, as well as third party marketing business allowing business to create collaborative ecosystems and enhance communication.

5. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a popular social media managing platform. The interface of application consists of dashboard which supports social media network integrations of various social media platforms including twitter, instagram, facebook,pinterest

This application allows corporations to check upon their mentions, trends and competitor’s activity. Hootsuite has the ability to create and schedule posts on all the linked platforms at the same time.

Hootsuite enables collaborations among corporate social media teams by providing tools for assigning tasks, sharing content drafts and arranging social media campaigns. This reduces the risk of errors and plagiarism.

Hootsuite helps out the business in engaging with their targeted audience and provide them with customer support more effectively. By these tools organisations can be proactive on social media and can resolve customer issues more efficiently and bring strong relationships with their customers.

Corporations can make use of this by conducting social listening and market research to gain valuable insights and genuine site traffic. By monitoring trending hashtags and keywords can identify opportunities and gather feedback from customers.

6. Canva

Canva is a versatile graphic designing software that offers various templates and editing features, making it valuable to use in the corporate world in order to help organisations look more creative and attractive.

This software allows corporations to design logos, posters, posts, flyers and much more to attract the targeted audience and make the content look interesting on their website.

Canva opens up various options of making appealing emails with lucrative header and templates. The feature of just simply editing the already designed professional emails is also an effective way of using canva.

Canva is valuable while promoting collaborative events, conferences and webinars. By using canva organisations can design appealing invitations for both audience and chief guest.

This application also offers different collaborative features which allows the team to work together and alter the designs in their own ways to which leads to the best product.

7. Slack

Slack is basically a communication and collaboration platform which is really helpful for startups in the current scenario.

This application is more useful for teams based in different regions allowing all the employees to communicate at different levels and present at different locations.

Slack integrates with other tools and platforms such as Trello, GitHub, Google Drive which allows an easy workflow for the organisation and access to all the important information within the organisation.

Apart from this, slack maintains a searchable history of all the documents shared within the platform; this makes it easy to search for past discussions, decisions, work and strategy.

Slack provides features like task assignment, reminders and progress tracking which help in keeping a check upon all the work done by the employees. Whereas, there are customisable notifications and alert settings which lead to simple management of tasks and meetings for the employees as well.

8. Trello

Trello is also one of those effective project management tools used in recent times.

This platform enables the feature of real time collaborations on projects among the team members as anyone could work at the same project simultaneously.

Trello boards can be customised according to the needs of the department whether it is HR or technical as it has really adaptive workflow control.

Trellos board can be used to collect feedback ideas and suggestions based on different team members.

Trello’s calendar with various features allows employees to keep up with all the tasks assigned. Also, members can see upcoming, missed and approved tasks as well.

Trello allows us to plan, organise and execute in a better way with streamline workflow.

This maintains up to date work along with different stages of workflow and visualisation. Also, it can be used to store projects and related documents along with important information which can also be edited later.

9. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft teams offer startups a comprehensive platform for communication, collaboration and productivity.

Microsoft Teams provides a central hub for team communication through chat, voice, and video calls. Startups can use Teams to keep all team members connected, whether they’re working remotely or in the office.

With integration to apps like microsoft excel, word, office; teams provide a better platform for document collaborations and storage.

Teams include built in facilities of video conferencing and scheduling meetings which in advance for notifying other team members. Apart from group discussions there is an option to schedule individual meetings.

Teams can be used to provide customer support or chatbots which are really helpful for customer acquisition. Also, for making global announcements. So, basically startups can provide information regarding important news, events, updates through this platform.

Startups can use teams to onboard employees and conduct recruitment processes and training sessions.

Overall, Microsoft Teams provide various tools and features which are really effective in achieving teamwork and success for startups and companies.

10. Toggl

Toggl is a time tracker application that helps individuals and teams to manage and track their hours of productivity which is beneficial for corporations these days.

Toggl helps in tracking time devoted by an individual on a particular project and keeps track in order to identify the time wasting activities and optimise workflow which is helpful for startups nowadays.

Toggl provides insights into analysing time spent on various tasks and project which can help in identifying different aspects of an employee including productivity trends and areas of improvement.

Toggl integrates with other various platforms and softwares such as project management and accounting tools which leads to smooth execution of the plans and optimising quality of work and productivity especially for teams working in remote areas.

Final Thoughts

For every early stage startup, managing the workplace is tough, so here are some workplace based AI tools that startups can leverage for their overall development and growth. All these softwares are available for free along with the premium version. All of them have their own advantages which contribute to the productivity of the organisation.

You can use these softwares online on their official websites or you can download and use them for free just by creating an account. 

All these softwares are easy to learn and use for different purposes so, no as such tutorials are required.

I hope you found this article helpful

Keep Growing!

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