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Discover India’s Favorite Top 20 Famous Coffee Brands

Prateeti Chakraborty

June 06, 2024. 4 minute Read

Try to picture a life where waking up is done with the warm coffee brewed in the morning; doesn’t it sound refreshing?

In the midst of endless meetings, deadlines, and obligations, a simple cup of coffee offers more than just a caffeine boost – freshly brewed coffee provides a fleeting moment of solace, a chance to pause and reflect amidst the whirlwind of activity. 

With each sip, stress melts away, replaced by a sense of calm and clarity.

But did you know?

There are many coffee brands across India that care about how you want your coffee to be and have evolved to meet the demands of modern life. From convenient single-serve pods to on-the-go cold brews, it offers a myriad of options to suit the fast-paced lifestyle of its consumers, ensuring that no matter how busy the day may be, there’s always time for a moment of indulgence.


So in this article, let’s embark on a journey to discover some of the top coffee brands that have captured the hearts of coffee enthusiasts !

And here is the list of top 20 Indian coffee brands (in no order, listed purely based on it unique value proposition)

1. Blue Tokai

Bold aroma with rich flavour of coffee

Best known for starting the flavoured coffee culture in India, Blue Tokai has gained significant fame with its focus on fresh, single Sourcing coffee beans that are roasted on demand. 

Often comes with four variants, starting with Vienna Roast, the dark, rich flavour with subtle undertones of chocolate then Attikan Estate which is smooth with caramel and citrus undertones.Followed by Silver Oak Blend which balances flavours of chocolate and nuts. Lastly Arabica and Robusta Blends which combine strong and mild profiles to cater to different tastes.

Vienna and Attikan are the Crowd Favourites.

Vienna Roast is  widely popular for its deep, robust flavour, by those craving a powerful coffee experience.Attikan Estate is  also favourite for its balanced taste with hints of citrus, for those seeking a more delicate coffee experience.

Next time if you wanna dive  into the bold aroma and rich flavour of coffee then Blue Tokai is the perfect place where every sip tells a story and every cup is an adventure!

2.Sleepy Owl

Brewing Dreams, One Sip at a Time!

Starting from a vision to bring easy yet quality coffee to Indian consumers on Amazon only. Sleepy Owl presents an exciting range of cold brews, both in ready-to-drink bottles and packs of ground coffee. 

Sleepy Owl sells around six coffee flavours of coffee. First is the Classic which is a Creamy and rich coffee flavour, a staple for cold coffee lovers.Accompanied with Dark Roast which is a Strong and bold coffee with a slight bitterness .

Followed by Hazelnut coffee which adds a nutty sweetness that balances coffee’s natural bitterness. Next is the  French Vanilla which is a cold coffee with smooth and strong aromatics, Then there is Mocha Madness that is made with a  decadent blend of rich cocoa and smooth espresso.Lastly is the Caramel Bliss a premium Coffee with luscious caramel flavour and silky smooth texture.

Whether you’re a traditionalist or an adventurous coffee lover, Sleepy Owl has flavours of all kinds. 

3. Continental Malgudi

Take a coffee train-trip to southern India!

Continental Malgudi takes pride in its unique blend of tradition and innovation, crafting each cup with utmost care. The coffeehouse pays homage to the charm and simplicity of South Indian culture with its premium flavours which is the Classic Arabica which has a smooth texture and mild acidity.

Secondly is the Robusta Rhapsody which has strong flavour with higher caffeine content.Next is the Spice Infusion which is special spice-infused coffees with cardamom, ginger, or cinnamon.

Piktochart should be your go-to app

Malgudi Magic is a special mix of Arabica and Robusta beans with added spices, capturing the true flavours of South India. Coffee lovers really like its smooth but strong taste.

So, the next time you’re in the mood for a coffee break, why not step into Continental Malgudi and embark on your own coffee adventure?

4. Continental Coffee

Sip the World, Energise Your Day!

Continental coffee, with its rich and diverse flavours, has become a beloved choice for coffee lovers worldwide.  

Now let’s dive  into the flavours and varieties of continental coffee, It comes in four global flavours first is Italian Espresso is bold and intense, a favourite for a quick caffeine boost.Next is the French Café au Lait which is a  Smooth and creamy blend of brewed coffee and steamed milk.Third is the Viennese Melange which is an espresso with frothy milk, topped with whipped cream and cocoa powder.Lastly Spanish Cortado-Espresso with a small amount of warm milk for a rich flavour.

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Italian espresso is loved for its strong taste and energy boost. 

So, whether you enjoy bold Italian espresso or creamy French café au lait, remember that good coffee knows no bounds. Here’s to Continental Coffee and its delightful journey of flavour discovery in every sip!

5. Mokka Farms

Harvesting Freshness, One Brew at a Time!

Mokka Farms is where the art of brewing starts with mere consumption, and each sip tells a story.

Mokka Farms offers a rich selection of coffee blends, starting with Mokka Classic Blend which has a bold flavour with earthy undertones, followed by Velvet Mocha which is a smooth chocolate notes and velvety espresso along with Caramel Delight which is a luscious caramel aroma and creamy texture.

Next comes Vanilla Symphony which comes with subtle sweetness of vanilla with bold coffee flavour.Lastly is the Hazelnut Haze which is a nutty delight that complements the coffee’s smooth, full-bodied character.

If you love chocolate syrup with coffee, try the Velvet Mocha

The top pick is the Velvet Mocha for its smooth chocolate with velvety espresso, a true delight for caffeine lovers. 

Next time you crave pure bliss, choose Velvet Mocha at Mokka Farms. It’s not just coffee; it’s a flavour that delivers every sip to new heights of satisfaction!

6. Beanly

Time for a global sip beyond ordinary!

Beanly, renowned for its diverse array of coffee Flavours, from robust to floral and fruity notes, Beanly offers  various types of flavours first is the Espresso Noir which is a  dark and strong caffeine. 

Next in the line is French Roast which is a Coffee with a strong flavour with creamy Texture.Followed  with Ethiopian Yirgacheffe which is a coffee with delicate floral notes of jasmine and citrus.Then there is Costa Rican Tarrazu a Coffee with a floral and fragrant  touch of citrus.Accompanied with Ethiopian Sidamo that provides Strong Coffee which has a vibrant fruitiness, from berries to tropical pineapple.

Lastly, there is Kenyan AA that is delivering a Strong Coffee with Blended flavours of lively fruitiness .

Top click Is the Espresso Noir !

In Beanly’s wide range of flavours, Espresso Noir is top favourite due to its strong caffeine kick. Next time you need to relax, let Beanly be your daily delight, with each sip sparking your senses and energising your day.

7. The Coffee Clique

Brewed bonds with one Cup at a time!

Coffee Clique is a fusion of premium coffee products and community-driven Ideals which embarks the spirit of coffee lovers together to savour moments and create lasting memories.

It has various premium flavoury blends of their Coffee. Starting with Classic Espresso which is robust with deep, earthy aromas.Followed by Smooth & Mellow which features caramel, nuts, and subtle fruitiness.

Next comes the Exotic & Adventurous with Flavours from Ethiopian Yirgacheffe to Indian Monsooned. And lastly is the Decadent & Indulgent that features Creamy lattes with caramel and vanilla or mochas with whipped cream and chocolate shavings

Classic Espresso is The Top pick!

Among The Coffee Clique’s flavoured blends, the classic Espresso is the top favourite for its intense flavour and versatility, it stands out as the best pick. 

8. Bevzilla

Unleash the Bold Flavor Beast!

In the world of coffee, Bevzilla stands out for its unique taste and innovation. Let’s explore Bevzilla’s coffee wonderland and discover their flavour:

First comes the Classic Espresso that delivers a Bold coffee with hints of caramel and chocolate.Secondly is the Velvety Cappuccino which has a harmonious balance of espresso with a velvety texture. Thirdly is the Indulgent Mocha  which is rich espresso with decadent chocolate. Lastly is the Exotic Flavoured Lattes with Hazelnut to vanilla bean, adding a touch of sweetness.

Hazelnut Nut Cracks the Right flavour for coffee lovers!

Among Bevzilla’s diverse flavoured options, one stands out as the top choice is the Hazelnut Bliss Latte. Its perfect balance of sweetness and richness makes it the preferred option for those craving a comforting yet luxury coffee experience.

So, whether you’re in the mood for a classic espresso or an exotic flavoured latte, venture into Bevzilla’s realm and kickstart your coffee adventure!

9. Third Wave Coffee Roasters

Surfing the Flavor Tides!

Third Wave Coffee Roasters values the essence of coffee and its ability to bring people together. Now, let’s explore the diverse range of coffee flavours at Third Wave Roasters and discover the top choices among customers.Starting with the fruit flavour coffee which consist of berries and citrus notes.Second is the Chocolatey and Nutty which is a rich  premium  coffee with chocolate flavour along with nut flakes . 

Next is the Floral and Tea-like which is a delicate floral aroma coffee with tea-like qualities.Lastly is the Spicy and Complex which is a spicy, herbal, and savoury notes blended flavours with an essence of premium coffee beans.

Chocolate Nutty blend hits the right chord!

We loved the Chocolate and Nutty blend for its rich chocolate sweetness, and the Spicy and Complex blend for its spicy notes. Next time whether you’re a coffee enthusiast or a new coffee intern third wave roasters provide an array of flavours to discover and enjoy. 

10. Rage Coffee

Ignite Your Inner Fire with Every Sip

Rage Coffee has quickly become a favourite among coffee lovers due to its come up ideas of  both flavoured coffee and coffee with added vitamins. It comes with various flavours starting with Classic Blend which is a timeless favourite with a comforting and familiar taste of strong caffeine.

Followed by Intense Espresso-Bold and strong caffeine, which has been crafted to awaken your senses.Next is the Decaf Delight delivering Rich and satisfying coffee without the effects of caffeine . Then there is Hazelnut Bliss that provides Coffee richness with a nutty twist.lastly is the Caramel Dream a delightful coffee with the sweetness  of caramel.

Premium Pick Is The Intense Espresso!

The ultimate favourite is the Intense Espresso for its bold flavour and mesmerising aroma. 

Whether you’re into classic or adventurous tastes, there’s a perfect Rage Coffee blend waiting for you!

11. Seven Beans Coffee Company

Where Every Bean Tells a Story!

Seven Beans Coffee Company has established a unique position through offering  freshly roasted coffee under a farm-to-cup concept.

There are various types of coffee flavours offered by Seven Beans Coffee Company firstly is the Signature Blend a balanced  flavours of classic smooth finished caffeine.Secondly is the Single-Origin Delights from the fruity notes from Ethiopian beans to the chocolaty undertones from Colombian beans, each variety provide delights to the coffee lovers.

Lastly comes the Decadent Flavoured Coffee, an Irresistible blend of caffeine with French Vanilla or of Cinnamon Spice, along with adding a touch of sweetness

Prime choice remains the signature blend!

Signature Blend is the ultimate favourite for coffee lovers for its balanced flavour and captivating aroma, it’s the go-to choice for coffee lovers anywhere every time. Whether you are seeking a morning boost or an afternoon treat, the Signature Blend from Seven Beans Coffee Company never disappoints.

12. The Flying Squirrel

Her every cup is mysterious and bold!

Flying Squirrel is a premium coffee brand known for its commitment to quality, sustainability, and the art of coffee roasting. 

They have a wide array of exotic  flavours, starting with the Midnight Bliss which is a dark roast blend coffee along with velvety texture and bold flavour.Followed by Morning Dew that provides a light roast blend  with  bright acidity and lively citrus notes. Last is the Mystic Woods which delivers a delightful Coffee with a complex blend of nutty undertones and hints of caramel.

Midnight Bliss is a favourite delight for many!

Midnight Bliss is People’s favourite for its rich taste and mix of flavours.

If you’re into coffee, Flying Squirrel’s your spot where  every coffee cup is a journey from passion to perfection.

13. Cothas Coffee

Crafting Richness, Roast by Roast!

Cothas Coffee has mastered the art of blending premium quality beans to create flavours that captivates the moods for coffee lovers.

Discover the diverse flavours offered by Cothas Coffee , which comes with various version. Cothas Premium Blend which is a mix of Arabica and Robusta beans, offering a balanced flavour of chocolate and caramel.Following with Cothas Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold offering, a blend of intense aroma and rich, sourced from the estates of Mysore.

Next comes the Cothas Malabar Gold which Made with the Coffee beans from the Malabar region. Then comes the Cothas Hazelnut Delight that is A  fusion of smooth coffee with the nutty sweetness of hazelnut.

Now comes the Cothas Vanilla Symphony which delivers a Rich Coffee with delicate aroma of vanilla  offering a blissful combination.Lastly there is Cothas Caramel Temptation a flavourful Coffee made with caramel notes  creating a  treat for the soul to soothe.

Cothas Premium Blend has a sensational taste!

Cothas Premium blend is a go-to choice for espresso lovers, for its Flavoured and velvety cream, offering a true caffeine kick.

Whether you like cosy filter coffee or fancy blends, Cothas Coffee offers amazing coffee flavours!

14. Cafe Coffee Day (CCD)

A lot can happen over a cup of coffee!

As one of India’s largest coffee chains, Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) has been a popular household name. And it needs no introduction. 

CCD offers Classic Brews which offers a wide range of Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, and Americano. And other Flavoured Delights along with various Cold Brews which provides Refreshing cold brews from Iced Americano, Cold Brew Latte, to  Frappe, provides alternatives to traditional hot coffee.

However, steller Specialty Drinks starting from Mochas and Macchiatos to Affogatos and Chai Latte which provide a wide array of flavours.

Wanna have Mocha?

The Café Mocha is the customer favourite, for it’s decadent flavour and velvety texture. 

Whether it’s catching up with friends,  or simply enjoying some ‘me time,’ it’s always has to be CCD !

15. Costa Coffee

Savour the Global Flavor Journey!

This  Italian chain of cafes- Costa Coffee with its  most luxury products, has created a distinct identity.

Be it Espresso which is a Strong Coffee with premium coffee beans with  rich, aromatic cream on top or Cappuccino, a classic  blend of espresso, steamed milk, and velvety foam. People love Costa Coffee. 

Not only this, Latte which is a Caffeine blend with smooth and milky coffee experience and  Mocha that delivers Coffee with a perfect balance of bitterness and sweetness from the chocolate is people’s favourite. Last but not the least is Flat White which is a coffee with  velvety texture and bold espresso flavour. 

Coffee classics from Costa Coffee are the Cappuccino and Latte!

While preferences may vary among customers, Among the top contenders for customer favourites are the classic Cappuccino and Latte, cherished for their comforting flavours and creamy textures.

So, why not embark on a flavorful journey and discover your own favourite Costa Coffee blend today?

16. Slay Coffee

Grab-and-Go Coffee Delights!

Slay Coffee is known for its strong and exciting caffeine with a wide range of flavours.

Starting with Slay X  which provides extra caffeine for a strong kick.Next comes the Hazelnut Latte which is a Rich Coffee with hazelnut flavor.Following this is a  Classic Cappuccino which is a Smooth and creamy Caffeine blend.

Then there is Mocha which is a Perfect blend of coffee and chocolate.lastly is the Caramel Macchiato that offers Coffee with Sweet and velvety flavour.

Slay like X Slays!

Slay X is the top choice for its powerful kick of extra caffeine.

Next time if you want to Experience the thrill of bold flavours and energising blends, Slay Coffee is perfect for coffee lovers on the move.

17. The Betel Leaf Co

Coffee was never Indianzed so before!

The Betel Leaf Co. stands out from others by combining traditional Indian flavours with modern coffee trends.Lets experience their flavours choices,starting we have Betel Leaf Coffee with aromatic betel leaves.Next is Mint Mocha a Refreshing mint coffee with a mocha twist.Then is Cardamom Latte which is a Spiced coffee with aromatic cardamom.

That’s not all: There is a flavoured coffee called Ginger Spice that provides Warming ginger flavoured Coffee and there is a surprising coffee flavour that is Rose Cappuccino that offers Coffee with Delicate hint of rose.

The top choice is the Cardamom Latte!

Cardamom Latte is a hit among customers due to its hint of traditional spice in the coffee.

Next time if you want to dive into the unique fusion of tradition and innovation then let each sip of The Betel Leaf Co takes you to a world of aromatic indulgence.

18. Dope Coffee Roasters

Fuel your day with flavorful adventures!

Dope Coffee Roasters is for people who like to try new things. Their coffee is bold and different, with different types of flavours,let delve into their choices, firstly is Black Sheep which is a Dark and smoky coffee.Second is Pineapple Express that provides a delightful coffee with hints of Tangy and fruity flavour . 

Thirdly is Velvet Underground which is a Coffee with Chocolatey Mix.Then there is Spice Route that offers an Exotic spices blend Coffee.Lastly is the Honey Trap that is a Sweet and floral Coffee with honey notes.

Velvety Underground is a bliss for desert lovers!

Velvety Underground is the favourite blend due to its rich dessert-like coffee flavour.

Next time if you want to experience a cup of coffee with flavours of boldness then Dope Coffee Roasters is the perfect place.

19. Home Blend Coffee Roasters

Crafted Happiness in Every Cup!

Home Blend Coffee Roasters offer a cosy, homey vibe with their crafted blends which makes them distinct from others.

With their premium flavours starting with Almond Delight which is a Coffee with Smooth and nutty flavour.Next is Vanilla Dream that is a Creamy Coffee with  vanilla-rich flavour.Thirdly is Dark Roast which offers a Rich and full-bodied strong Coffee.Then there is Cinnamon Twist which is a Warm cinnamon flavoured Coffee. 

Lastly they have Mocha Bliss that offers Caffeine with a chocolatey Experience.

Dark Roast is the go to Comfort!

Dark roast is a top  favourite, for its rich depth and smooth finish Caffeine kick.

Next time if you are looking for your go-to comforting with homemade Flavours then Home Blend is the perfect place for you.

20. Bonhomia

Elegance in Every Sip !

Bonhomia stands for elegance and luxury with their promises to provide a premium variety of Blends. 

It has a wide range of flavours starting with Dark Deeds which is a Rich and intense Caffeine.Then there is Free Love that provides a Smooth and balanced Espresso.Next is the Vanilla Vibe that offers an aromatic and spicy coffee with flavours of vanilla.Followed by Chocolate Burst which is a Coffee with Creamy chocolate notes.

Last is the Hazelnut Affair which is a Nutty and smooth Coffee with Hazelnut flavour.

Vanilla Vibe!

Vanilla Vibe is favoured for its elegant, subtly flavored brew with a delicate balance of aromatic vanilla and coffee. If you’re the one who desires elegance in every sip then Indulge in the luxury of Bonhomia’s sophisticated blends.

Final Thoughts

Best part: India is looking for coffee brands way beyond Bru and Nescafe.  

And with the increasing popularity of coffee in India and more importantly the rising appreciation for quality coffee, these distinct coffee brands and cafes are an indication of such advancement. In fact, now we have coffee which is beyond espresso, or mocha. Rich Indian flavours make coffee debut and also coffee from various parts of the world rocks the stands. 

Therefore, on your next coffee detour or simply when in need of a good break, do not hesitate to walk into any of these cafés and embrace the flavour of India’s coffee-fuelled heritage. If anything, life is too short to drink poor quality coffee, is what I keep repeating to myself.  Let us toast to a perfect brew!

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