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Seashell collection Tips and Tricks that can Make your weekend Worthwhile!

Seashell collection Tips and Tricks that can Make your weekend Worthwhile!
Seashell collection Tips and Tricks that can Make your weekend Worthwhile!


In this article, We explore sea glass collecting in greater detail and learn how it may enhance your wellbeing by providing a therapeutic escape and a special sense of tranquility.

Have you ever walked along the shoreline, mesmerized by the glimmer of sea glass scattered in the sand?

Sea glass has a deeper significance than its shimmering aesthetics since it shares a profound relationship with nature and the ups and downs of life, which can improve your mental and emotional health.

Equipment needed for Seashell collection

Seashell collection is a unique hobby that requires interest in ocean life. Before you go out to sea/ocean, learn about the common species and the method to collect seashells.  

To collect seashells you will need some instrument. Here’s are the must seashell instrument in your seashell collecting kit –

store Seashell
store Seashell

Tips and Tricks for Seashell collection!

Here’s go to checklist for seashell collection

3 Step Guide to cleaning & store Seashell

Once you have collected seashells, the step is to carefully add shells in your collection. Before adding that you have to wash, clean and dry them. 

Here’s mini guide to store seashell –

1. Soak

Soak seashells in water to remove dirt and other contiammets. Soak seashells in water for at least a week and change water everyday. 

However, use bleach in case you want to skip the long soaking process. Although, seashells lose their vibrancy  and color in this process. 

Most people prefer soaking to keep seashells safe from any synthetic chemical that ruins their beauty.

2. Scrub

Although soaking removes all the dirt and sand particles, still scrub the seashell using the toothbrush or cleaning brush. 

Thoroughly remove the sand particles, grit and  cracks from ridges. Dry seashell till there is no water left within it. 

Before moving to the next step, make sure the seashell is cleaned inside out.

3. Shine

Now,  you have a cleaned seashell without any sea containments. To make the seashell look vibrant add mineral oil so that the seashell regains the original vibrancy.

Once you are done applying mineral oil add seashell in your collection. 

If you want to spice up the organizer, then search for various types of seashell organizer available.  There is wide range

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, it’s the simple things, like the smooth touch of sea glass in your hand, that can make your day brighter. 

So, next time you visit the shore, keep an eye out for these little gems; they might just bring a big smile to your face.

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