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Take a dip into this chilling therapy: Explore if Cold baths are useful or Only gives you cold


In this article, you will get to know about the multiple benefits of taking cold baths.

Would you rather have a cold shower or a hot shower?

Take on this chilling therapy today and learn its benefits here. 

Taking cold baths can really help you physically as well as mentally and can make you healthier. 

Here are the benefits:

When you take a cold bath, it lowers your body temperature and increases the blood flow in your body which makes you active and energetic. In fact, stepping out of your comfort zone and dipping your body into a tub full of cold water can help strengthen your mental health.

The duration for your cold bath can range from 2 to 15 minutes highly depending upon your health goals. You can also consult your health provider to learn more about the duration for your cold baths.  

So what are the key benefits of chilling therapy?

Let’s dig deeper!

Benefits of taking cold baths

1. Reduce pain and decrease inflammation

The science behind this magic is, when you take a cold bath, your vessels become narrow and this increases the blood flow in your muscles. 

As your blood circulation increases, it helps you to reduce swelling and inflammation. By reducing your inflammation it reduces your pain and makes you feel much better. 

Hence, by taking cold baths you can reduce your pain and inflammation.

2. Makes you feel more alert

You must have experienced a situation where you felt sleepy or bored, and then suddenly, you felt rejuvenated and much more active as soon as you washed your face with cold water. 

Cold water can make you feel active and become alert. 

But have you wondered what is the reason behind this sudden change?

This happens because when you come in contact with cold water, it wakes up your nervous system and sends signals to your brain to be on high alert. Similarly, when you take a cold bath, your body goes through the same process and makes you much more active and alert.

3. Have more energy

When the cold water comes in contact with your body, it sends multiple electrical signals to your brain. It helps in increasing your alertness and energy levels.  

In this process, endorphins also known as happy hormones of your body are also released. This makes you feel happy and enthusiastic.

4. Make your hair and skin much healthier

Taking a cold bath can make your skin and hair healthier. The cold water can make your skin and hair glowing and can improve their health. Cold water, unlike hot water, does not dry out your sebum layer which is a layer that protects your skin and hair. Cold baths can make your skin smoother and softer. 

It seals your hair cuticles and makes your hair shinier. It also prevents frizz and hair damage. 

So, all you need to do is lower the temperature of your bathing water and bath for less duration; a secret hack for healthy hair and skin.

5. Improved mental health and resilience

Cold baths can improve your mental health and resilience. Taking a bath with cold water can reduce your stress and can boost your mood. It makes you feel more active and energetic. 

The science behind it is, when cold water comes in contact with your body, it sends multiple electrical impulses to your brain and this produces an anti-depressant effect in your body.

Thus, this helps you in feeling mentally relaxed and makes you resilient.

6. Improved circulation

Taking cold baths can improve the circulation in your body and can make you feel more energetic. When cold water hits your body, it sends it to the “ survival mode” where your body tries to maintain its temperature. 

In this process, your body’s blood flow circulation increases. This helps to heal your wounds faster, keeps your heart healthier and makes your brain sharper. You can claim all these benefits by bathing in cold water.

7. Improves blood circulation and stress response

Cold water helps in reducing your stress levels and makes you feel light. 

Cold water can also improve your sleep quality and energy levels which makes your body release the endorphin hormone that is a happy hormone, this hormone plays a huge role in reducing your stress levels and in boosting your mood. 

It makes your body learn to handle stress in the long term.

8. Improves immune system

Taking cold showers can improve your immune system. 

Taking cold baths help in waking up your immune system. When cold water comes in contact with your body it makes your body produce multiple white blood cells and makes your immunity stronger as white blood cells protects your body from getting sick. 

Taking cold baths prevents you from catching a cold because your immune system becomes stronger and adapts to it. 

In fact, in Alaska, the coldest region on the planet, people take cold baths so that they can save themselves from catching cold.

Final Thoughts

With the kind of climate we live in, we Indians can reap most of the benefits of taking cold showers—a step towards better mental and physical health. 

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