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Bed Rotting: Accept the quilt without any guilt. (A new GEN Z trend.)

Bed Rotting: A new self-care trend

Finding peace in just lying down in bed is so satisfying. 

I have been a big bed rotter since the pandemic started. 

Either scrolling through my phone or studying from my laptop during online classes, the bed has taken all of it. 

Quite comfortable right? 

But then I heard the word ‘Bed-Rotting.’ What is this new trend? Why is it famous, especially with gen z and millennials?

Bed-rotting seems an awful word which means decaying in the bed only. 

Let’s not waste more time lying in bed and delve into the article on the trend: what is bed rotting? Is it a part of self-care?

Let's dive right in..

What is the term "bed-rotting" which is getting viral?

How much do you like being in your bed? There is a term for it now. Who would have thought this activity would be acknowledged and given its name?

So what is it?

“Bed Rotting” refers to the simple act of sinking into the warmth of your sheets and remaining there for several hours or even days while the rest of the world happily goes around you.

Bed Roting Activities include

It can also last up to several hours or the whole weekend.

But why do Tik-Tokkers think Bed Rotting helps a lot?

A chaotic, continuous lifestyle and its negative consequences on mental and physical health are said to be curable by lying in bed, ordering your favorite takeout while hooked to a screen, and drifting in and out of sleep.

But Frankly speaking, I think it just got a name because exhausted corporate professionals end up Bed Rotting during the weekend.

Bed Rotting: A new self-care trend
Bed Rotting: A new self-care trend

Why is Bed-rotting trending on Tik Tok?

So far, 305 million people have watched the “self-care” technique on TikTok alone. According to those who support the craze, bed rotting is a fantastic way to regain physical and emotional health.

Most of those participating in the TikTok fad are college students or recent graduates who purposely delay schoolwork and duties for a few extra hours in relaxation mode. 

“I feel that my purpose in this life is to rot in different places,” a netizen said.

“Sand on the beach, a hotel bed, a hammock, etc. I was designed to lay around and decay,” one of them continued, while another added, “I wish it were okay to tell people this is my passion.” In response, a user wrote, “This is a live depiction of me for the next ten days rotting in bed just watching my fancams on repeat.”

“Bed rotting” supporters say it might be a beneficial strategy for promoting physical and mental wellness. Whether someone is recovering from a hectic week or a fever, this kind of self-care offers rest and rejuvenation.

Even while occasionally sleeping in is safe, frequently altering your sleep pattern is terrible for your physical and mental health and prevents you from living a fulfilling life.

But How does bed rotting affect the mental health of a person?

According to Dr. Katrina Ostmeyer, psychologist and CEO at Beyond the Individual LLC,


While most people enjoy a good lazy day, the new trend of “sleep rotting” seems like a way to popularize a behaviour pattern that can be very harmful to many.”

According to Ostermeyer, finding significance happens when you participate in activities you can be proud of, while having a good time comes from doing things you enjoy. 

Even if they overlap, both of these are essential for getting out of a rut. Something less likely to occur if you spend the day in bed.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the TikTok trend of bed rotting may seem harmless and entertaining, but its impact on mental health cannot be overlooked. 

Prolonged periods of isolation and the pursuit of social validation can contribute to feelings of loneliness, depression, and negative self-perception. 

It is crucial to prioritize our mental well-being over fleeting online popularity and promote a culture of self-care and mindfulness in the digital world. 

Let us strive for an online experience that enhances, rather than hinders, our mental health!

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