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7 Signs They Are Extremely Faithful To You.

In this rapidly advancing digital era, where trust is often tested, what could be more crucial than finding our partner’s genuineness? 

But do they prove us? I don’t think so.

I have encountered many partners who have been in a relationship for 40+ years, but they never questioned their partner’s genuineness to all.  

Faithfulness in relations is a language that needs no explanation, but what if you have a doubt and you’re seeking advice or an answer? 

Striving for a faithful and trustworthy-loving partner is a universal desire, particularly in this era. Yet, we all grapple with the challenge of identifying their faithfulness. 


In this article, we have discussed a variety of behavioural patterns that suggest whether your partner is faithful. 

Signs of Your Partner's Faithfulness

1. Respect the boundaries

A mutual respect between partners about their likes and dislikes, personal space and privacy is a sign of respecting boundaries which contributes to the strength of any relationship. 

And if your partner compromises their interests and needs for you, it means they are extremely faithful towards you and are worthy of your trust.

2. Are Consistent in Communication

Consistent communication with your partner is important in every relationship. And if they consistently share needs, suggestions and thoughts with you, it indicates they are faithful and they are authentic in their conversation. 

For instance, if you have ideas, perceptions, and thoughts about them, even if they may not agree with them but never show them to you, it indicates they have a devoted personality for you.

3. Good at Keeping Promises

A partner who keeps his/her promise no matter how small or big, is a loyal person and understands the value of commitment in a relationship. 

Ask them for any commitment, if he/she keeps the promise then, remember at this point that they are faithful to you.

4. If He/She is Honest

Sometimes we hardly speak about our struggles to avoid conflicts in a relationship. But this only makes things worse. If your partner is telling everything to you whether it is about someone trying to flirt with them, or they have done something wrong. 

Remember, they are loyal to you.

Loyalty in a relationship is when we can speak about our struggles instead of trying to hide our emotions simply to avoid conflicts and confusion in the relationship.

5. Status Quo in Intimate Relationship (Physical and Mental)

Intimacy in a relationship plays a significant role in loyalty, trust and commitment. If your partner refrains from coming too close to them, being romantic, or from sexual activity with others. This directly indicates their loyalty and commitment towards you.

Having mental intimacy with your partner should be a priority in any relationship. Being emotionally connected with you, expressing themselves, and communicating about their needs and concerns sign their faithfulness. 

Remember! If your partner can speak about their crush openly and you are not losing your mind on that, gosh, you are in a good relationship.

6. A Partner who constantly support and encourages you

Being with your partner in their hard times is the biggest test of their loyalty and love. If your partner passes through the thorns, remember he/she is going to be with you for the rest of your life.

A healthy relationship becomes stronger when the partners are supporting each other even when everyone is against them. 

Your partner is faithful if they consistently push you to do best which further affirms an individual’s personal growth, and brings joy in life. 

7. Have Respect

Having respect for your partner is a natural feeling that comes with love. Being respectful towards your partner in front of their friends, family, and yourself is the most heartwarming gesture. 

When he/she shows respect for your emotions, thoughts, decisions, and opposite choices, this shows they are respecting your feelings. Even if they are opposing your ideas, they will try hard to not hurt you by having respectful conversations with you. 

In situations of conflict, respecting the boundaries of each other, and not doing something immature is a sign of mutual respect and understanding of a healthy bond.

8. Makes you the Priority

They aren’t busy; we aren’t their priority anymore. 

Be it a text message over WhatsApp, a hug, or anything else, if your partner is trying to communicate in any way, it assures them that you matter to them the most and that you are their priority.

If they choose you over something important, then you are really special and crucial for them. 

Here is the thing!

Whether you are someone’s priority or not, you simply cannot measure their importance to you. It is an effort that comes directly from their heart, and hence, it proves how faithful they are to you.

9. Celebrate Individuality

Every person has their personality. People have different opinions about themselves, others, and towards life. This uniqueness of a person is called Individuality. 

Your partner can be a different perspective person, or he/she can be someone who comes from a different culture. But if they are celebrating with you, if they are sharing themselves with you without opposing their beliefs on you, it shows their trust, respect, and faithfulness.

10. Commitment and Communication

In this era, where commitment is often seen as a challenge, it’s crucial to recognize the value of a partner who invests effort and commitment into the relationship. This level of dedication signifies a readiness to progress together, strengthening the bond between you. 

Good communication with a partner indicates that you can understand each other’s needs without communicating a single word; it means you both have reached a point where there is no chance of miscommunication in your verbal conversations. 

Because now you know each other very well at the deepest level.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, identifying these points in your partner can help you strengthen and improve your relationship. Trust, respect, commitment, intimacy, and communication reflect your partner’s faithfulness to you and the relationship. 

If your partner shows every sign, it’s your turn to appreciate their faithfulness to you. Remember, relationships become stronger when efforts come from both sides. So, have a winter-warm communication with your partner today, and express your emotions with gratitude and love.

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