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So What goes inside the minds of Designers? Lets See.

The One Liner

Who are  Designers?

Any tangible product you see around you is designed by a capable brain that can make an idea into something tangible. 

A Designer is also someone more emotional. And is in fine tune with his feelings and has a great capacity to make some exceptional designs. 

The One Liner

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So What is a Designer's Mindset?

The One Liner

So What is a Designer's Mindset?





Designers are empathetic

Designers know how to collaborate with team members

Designers are self-efficient

Designers are great at finding problems and solving them.

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Their designs are often centered around humans

A Fantastic storyteller

Designers do what they imagine and hence, receive feedback from others. 

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Final Thoughts

Behind every great product, there is a practical design; it just can't be anything with poor structure. 

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The One Liner

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