Eight  things you can Shop for your Valentine this Year

The One Liner


Indians love gold because its value increases over time. 


Roses are good. But lilies are exceptional because of their amazing fragrance. 


Yes, it is an American thing. But Swarovski has earned its place because of its appealing look on any attire. 

Fine dining

Dress up and bump into a fine dining restaurant with your date this year


Men usually don't invest much in the tie. But a good tie makes a man look appealing in a Tuxedo. So how about a Tie?

Pocket Perfumes

People love smelling good and not stinking around. So how about gifting your partners with pocket perfumes?


The only thing men usually use round the clock is a Wallet. So how about gifting them a good one?


Yes, it is a stereotype. But I will do anything to buy Dairy Milk Silk mousse. 

So what does your man or lady loves?