Are You Procrastinating a lot these Days?

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Who is a Procrastinator?

A Procrastinator is someone who puts off his tasks till the last moment." A person who procrastinates usually works just before their deadline for an extended period without taking breaks.

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Are Lazy People  Procrastinators?

A lazy person doesn't do anything; They are happy sitting idle for Long hours, which means they are not procrastinators.

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Did you Know ?

People who don't experience Procrastination at a high level don't know what it feels like when a person does not feel like working. And what we don't know is that people who procrastinate are scared to do things because of stress, anxiety, boredom, self-doubt, or fear.

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February 14, 2020

But anyway, Does Procrastination Help?

By Dr. Lora Poppins

Procrastination helps in boosting creativity


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For overthinkers, it helps them to focus. They know the deadline is approaching, so they don't overcomplicate the task, which gives them ease while working on a given Job.


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People also learn how to deal with delays which helps them to make fast decisions.


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