7 Songs of Charlie Puthe to Heal from Breakup

The One Liner

This collaborative track reflects on the challenges faced within a relationship and the realization that it's time to move on & it's lyrics convey a sense of frustration and disappointment, emphasizing the efforts made by one person while feeling unreciprocated by their partner.


The One Liner

Done for Me

This catchy pop song explores the theme of an ex-lover craving attention & validation. It remind you of the importance of recognizing your self-worth and moving on from a toxic relationship.


The One Liner


This collaboration with Selena Gomez delves into the aftermath of a breakup and the realization that communication has ceased &  captures the emotions of longing and reflection that often accompany the end of a relationship.


The One Liner

We Don't Talk Anymore

This upbeat track delves into the theme of infidelity and the discovery of a partner's betrayal. It can provide a sense of empowerment and encourage you to set boundaries and move on from a relationship that no longer serves you.


The One Liner

How Long

This introspective song explores the theme of emotional detachment and feeling empty in a relationship & resonate with those who have experienced a disconnect and emotional void with their former partner.


The One Liner

Empty Cups

This empowering track encourages embracing your true self and not changing for someone else &  promotes self-acceptance and reminds you that you deserve love and respect for who you are.


The One Liner

The Way I Am

This emotional ballad reflects on the aftermath of a breakup and the emotional journey of healing and moving forward & evoke feelings of sadness, but also provide a sense of catharsis and understanding.


The One Liner


The One Liner

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