5 NRIs Who Came Back To India and Addressing Most Pain Points That India Has

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Sridhar Vimbu  (Founder of  ZOHO Corporations)


During his Princeton days, Sridhar Vimbu realized socialism is India's most significant pain point, and we can only solve it using Technology. So he returned to India and started his own company in a small apartment in the suburbs of Chennai. Many investors, VCs, have been following him to invest in his company, but he often kindly rejects them. 

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 Krishna Ella   (Founder of  Bharat Biotech)


Dr. Krishna Ella had a dream of "Freedom from Disease." He came back from the USA, established Bharat Biotech in Hyderabad, and even developed a vaccine, "Covaxin," made in India for the world. He even achieved this without taking a single penny from the Government of India.

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 Shriti Pandey  (Founder of  Strawcture Eco)


Shriti Pandey gave up her H1B Visa and came from New York to Uttar Pradesh to set up her construction firm and has been working in the tribal belt of Madhya Pradesh. Her mission is to build eco-friendly houses using agri-fiber panels.  

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Gaytri Bhatia


Gaytri Bhatia left her fantastic career in Boston and came to Mumbai to transform a farm entirely focused on organic farming. Her farm products include 3000 to 5000 Kg of mangoes of different varieties and fruits, spices, and green vegetables. 

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Shankar Venkatraman


Shankar Vekatraman left everything back in California and came to India to teach farmers and students of BSc in Agriculture all about organic farming in India. He has traveled a lot in South India to teach about sustainable farming practices in India.

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