Top 7 Movies That Make Cillian Murphy Above Everyone

Cillian Murphy brings a mysterious charm to "Inception" by bringing a depth of complexity to his portrayal, making us question what real life and dreams are with each subtle move he makes.


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Inception's Mind Maze

In his portrayal of Tommy Shelby in "Peaky Blinders," Murphy imposes himself on the screen with a compelling cocktail of charm and brutality, establishing him as one heck of an anti-hero icon.


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Peaky Blinders' Ruthless Charm

Murphy's white-knuckle acting in "Red Eye" transforms a bearable flight into a tense combat of wits, altering the level of suspense with each look.


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Red Eye's Tense Thrills

28 Days Later, Murphy presents an apocalyptic setting with visceral power in a chilling portrayal that haunts audience members even after the movie has finished.


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28 Days Later's Apocalyptic Intensity

Murphy terrorizes the Scarecrow in "The Dark Knight" to help build license chaos and solidifies that sometimes even costumed supervillains seem scarier than known criminals who dress like Mafiosi.


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The Dark Knight's Sinister Symphony

In this heart-wrenching historical drama, Murphy's emotional depth shines brightly as he navigates through love vs. loyalty and revolution, all ending with audiences being moved by Ireland's past turbulence.


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The Wind That Shakes the Barley's Emotional Epic

Thanks to Cillian Murphy, Sunshine is a breathtaking study of human courage against the odds.


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Sunshine's Cosmic Odyssey

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