Rich is getting Richer, Poor is getting Poorer, And We are so sick of this Already.

The One Liner

Most of us have been listening to this ever since we were born. And there has been no pause to this growing Inequality which has been ignited further because of the Pandemic. 

( Oxfam International's Executive Director Gabriela Bucher said, Billionaires have had a terrific pandemic. Central banks pumped trillions of dollars into financial markets to save the economy, yet much of that has ended up lining the pockets of billionaires riding a stock market boom. )

So How can you help to Bring balance within the society?



Investment in good assets such as Land, gold, Mutual Funds, Stock Market always helps. 

Creating More Room for Expenditure


Every Government should introduce schemes and policies such that the deprived section's basic necessities are fulfilled, and some room is left in their wallet to meet other expenses. 

How can you help the poor?


It is essential to support the caretakers or people from whom you are availing services by giving holiday when they deserve and paying off their hospital bills or loans when they require them most. You may not pay their whole amount but at least try to pay them off whichever way you can. 

Support Women


 Many women have found themselves helpless during the Pandemic by struggling to maintain work-Life balance and eventually giving up their jobs. An educated and working woman always brings balance in a household earning and adds so many good values and knowledge to the next generation. 

(The study showed that the pandemic has set gender parity back from 99 years to now 135 years. Women collectively lost $800 billion in earnings in 2020, with 1.3 crore fewer women in work now than there were in 2019. 252 men have more wealth than all one billion women and girls in Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean)

We are just an individual.


Caste is a traditional Profession, Religion is what you preach, and yes, some people are racially different and have different cultures and value systems in their surroundings. But what is common is first, they all are humans, and yes, they have many emotions running through their bodies. 

(It further said that the pandemic has hit racialised groups hardest. During the second wave of the pandemic in England, people of Bangladeshi origin were five times more likely to die of COVID-19 than the White British population. Black people in Brazil are 1.5 times more likely to die from COVID-19 than White people. In the U.S., 34 lakh Black Americans would be alive today if their life expectancy was the same as White people, according to Oxfam.)

Climate Change Is for real.


So what extraordinary are you planning to do in your battle against climate change, and how are you planning to cut Fossil fuel consumption in day-to-day life? 

(Oxfam said inequality also goes to the heart of the climate crisis, as the richest 1% emit more than twice as much CO2 as the bottom 50% of the world, driving climate change throughout 2020 and 2021 that has contributed to wildfires, floods, tornadoes, crop failures and hunger.)


In Focus: Country

Innovation Drives TAIWAN, And We Can Learn So Much From This Small Island Nation.