It's all in your Mind.

How To Train Your Mind?

The One Liner

The One Liner

Simply write

Always carry a notebook to write down sudden inspirations because your R-Mode of the brain loves to kick in at the most inconvenient times.

The One Liner

Get some Inspiration

Give Your Mind The Right Kind Of Enrichment because you need to energize your R-Mode with activities that are allow your R-Mode to develop better.

The One Liner

Debug your Mind

Debug Your Mind from all kinds of previous preset judgements. You need to create the right environment in your mind by removing all the preset judgemental ideas placed in your mind.

The One Liner

Gather Experience

It will teach you many things throughout your lifetime. Experience will make you an expert in any subject.

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Give Your Attention instead of you giving people time

There's no point in being around your loved ones if you do not give them the attention. Next time when you're sitting with your mom on the sofa, keep your phone away. Give her all your attention.

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