Why Attachment is injurious for your mental health.

An attachment injury is an emotional wound to an intense, interdependent relationship. Happens when somebody breaks your trust or runs away from you without any closure.


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Attachment Injury

Attachment basically refers to the relationships you have with your caregivers that can pave the way for relationships you have in adulthood. Basically makes you feel comfortable or open up to others properly.


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The attachment styles can hamper one’s mental health by shaping the mood, how you view yourself and how you cope.


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Being in a constant attachment with someone and never being alone can have an unhealthy attachment. You become co-dependent on others and don't give time to yourself which causes a fear and that makes your mind mentally unstable.


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The fear of being alone

An attachment style which is characterized by fear or uncertainty in relationships. This affects being in  healthy relations, unpredictable behaviors towards your loved ones.


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Insecure attachments

Involving in excessive attachment can affect our perception of ourselves, it may result in self-deprecating thoughts, despair


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Measuring self esteem based on relationships

Its okay to ask for assistance from people we love and support. Its okay to face difficult choices. But unable to make a choice without your loved once can cause lack of confidence or fear of failing


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Need for constant approval

A relationship that causes you to experience traumas, sadness, anxiety is an unhealthy attachment and affects you  both physically and mentally. It is important to realize that you are putting your wellbeing to maintain a relationship.


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Being in a harmful relationship

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