7 Things that Dua Lipa Loved Indian Cultures

Dua Lipa loved the fantastic colours and power at events like Holi. There, the streets are happy to celebrate good beating evil in a shocking show that brings everyone together.


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Vibrant Festivals

The singer liked wearing Indian clothes like sarees with pretty stitching and lehengas in bright colours. They admired how India mixes old ways with new fashion easily!


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Timeless Traditional Attire

Dua Lipa tried tasty Indian food. She enjoyed the mix of spices and how they tasted on her tongue. It made a delicious song for eating that shows India's different tastes in food.


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Spice-Infused Cuisine

Bollywood's magic impressed Dua Lipa, who loved the fantastic dance moves, heart-touching music, and significant stories that make Indian movies unique.


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Bollywood Extravaganza

Dua Lipa loved India's art, from detailed temporary body designs to hand-made jewellery. She showed how careful and creative each part of these craft skills is.


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Time-Honored Art and Craftsmanship

Dua Lipa felt better in India's special place. She saw old temples, did yoga, and enjoyed the country's calm. There, she found a deep link between mind and body.


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Spirituality and Yoga

Dua Lipa enjoyed Indian folk traditions like Bhangra and classical dances. They showed the range of these arts that capture the soul of India, with each dance telling an extraordinary historical tale about culture or past events.


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Diverse Folk Traditions

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