6 Ways How Board Games Can Change Your Life

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Board Games exercise your brain, which stimulates brain areas responsible for memory formation and complex thought processes across all ages.


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All your moves in board games help practice essential cognitive skills, such as decision making, higher-level strategic thinking, and problem-solving.


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If you struggle to set goals and have always been a little impatient, Board Games helps a lot to beat the same.


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Not only this, playing board games reduces stress and induces laughter which is one of the vital ingredients for learning experience and also helps in increasing creativity.


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Since in every board game, two or more people sit, interact, and cooperate on the set rules designated by Board Games, it helps create a foundation of cooperation, teamwork, and engagement and strengthens the bond with other people.


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Board games trigger the release of endorphins, the “feel-good” hormones that have the power to improve the way your mind functions. Thus, it helps to enhance creativity and self-confidence in an individual.


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Board Game


A Travel Card Game

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Parikrama is a relaxing yet witty Travel Card Game for everybody who loves traveling. Played between two to five players; in this game, you are a solo traveler. You are wandering through a myriad of landscapes to pursue discovery, adventure, and enlightenment - traversing across forests, rivers, deserts, and valleys, that come along your path and occasionally discovering monuments to rejuvenate and pray. In this particular board game, taking small routes can help you move faster in the game. Still, the longer ones can be more rewarding, additionally landing you a chance to hitch-hike on your next journey via a bullock cart, a riverboat ferry, or even jump on the truck to travel even faster and beat the rest. The player with the best balance of a vivid journal, a good collection of symbols, and Parikrama routes gathers the most points and wins the game! Buy Parikrama: A Travel Card Game, Link Below.


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Maybe life is a board game, but I never get to roll the dice.

Tim Wynne-Jones

— Crystal Lambert

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