5 Times Zerodha Founders Inspired us.

Zerodha introduced a disruptive business model in the Indian stockbroking industry with their discount brokerage model. It's stock market accessible to a wider audience, especially small investors who were earlier deterred by high brokerage fees.


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A disruptive business model

The Zerodha founders have shown an entrepreneurial spirit and inspired others to follow their dreams and start their own businesses.


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Fostering entrepreneurship

Zerodha has taken steps to support diversity and inclusion, including launching initiatives like "Women in Trading" to encourage more women to enter the field of trading and investing.


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Supporting diversity and inclusion

Zerodha always prioritized customer education and launched initiatives like Zerodha Varsity to provide free educational content on stock trading and investing & helped investors make informed decisions & trade more effectively.


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Prioritizing customer education

Zerodha has always been at the forefront of technological innovation. The company was one of the first in India to offer online trading, and it has continued to introduce new features and tools to make trading easier and more accessible for its customer.


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Embracing technology

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