5 Reasons Why You Don't Feel Creative Anymore

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You Have Lost All Your Childlike Spirit


A childlike spirit is essential for every creative individual. Every creative office has this fancy workplace with a shiny background with many toys, slides, colorful cafes, etc., that keep them in the creative zone at their premises. 

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When Making Money is the only Mantra in Life.


Once you become an adult, creative individuals under societal pressure give up your creative pursuits and take up a job only to make Money and have a decent life.

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Not Getting Enough Sleep


There are two types of sleep. One is REM, and the other is Deep Sleep. REM is a light form of sleep where we have rapid eye movement. It takes an hour and a half to move from REM to Deep Sleep. Deep Sleep is important as it catalogs all the information taken during the daytime. If we lose deep sleep, we lose creativity.

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Too Much TV


Too much TV is dangerous. It puts us in a vegetative state where our conscious mind goes into autopilot. And thus, it hampers most of our creativity. 

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You are Too Tired


FOMO is the word here. Too much work, fear of missing out, and no sleep increase cortisol levels, increasing stress and anxiety. And, with stress and anxiety, it becomes too difficult to be creative anymore. 

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“Creativity is a habit, and the best creativity is the result of good work habits.”

Twyla Tharp

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