5 Mind-blowing innovations by Qatar

The Floating Seahorse in Qatar, shows a new idea that mixes luxury with keeping Earth safe. People can live underwater, close to many fish types in the Arabian Gulf waters, while enjoying their stay.


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The world's first floating hotel

In the hot desert of Qatar, engineers use made-up clouds to give shade. This lowers temperatures and changes the way buildings look. A clever new invention from them also stops them from being attacked by solid sunlight nonstop all day.


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Artificial Clouds to Control Heat

Qatar moves into the future with the Hyperloop, a fast transportation system inside tubes. It changes how we travel and joins cities faster than ever, showing us easy connections.


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Futuristic Transportation with the Hyperloop

Qatar started using fake trees that use sunlight to make clean energy in a dry area. They also give shade and show how nature can be combined with science to find lasting ways of living.


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Solar-Powered Artificial Trees

Qatar changes how we enjoy sports with intelligent stadiums. These places have top-notch technology, like weather-controlled arenas and augmented reality additions.


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Smart stadiums for the 2022 FIFA World Cup

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