5 Life Hacks from the Kahneman, Book Thinking, Fast and Slow!

It's easy to make wrong assumptions with insufficient data at hand. Don't make hasty judgment; try to find more information if possible, because there is often way more to a story.


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Beware of the "What You See Is All There Is" trap

In some instances, it may prove alright to slow down a little and find a way to carefully examine your decisions so that the consequences could be more positive than following just on the stream of your fast intuitive instincts.


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Harness the Power of Slow Thinking

Take note that your brain could be distorting the information you receive, so make sure you don't do anything that could bring a detrimental after effect or what others would see as bad judgment.


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Question Your Biases

Insur debuts can be useful in simplifying complex issues, but it's also important that one knows when to outsource specialized problem-solving.


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Use Mental Shortcuts Wisely

The narration that comes with a piece of information has a huge impact on how one perceives it thus one should make an effort during decision making process of considering various views and framing alternatives before he or she settles on one.


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Frame Choices Thoughtfully

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